Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani written update 23 July 2021 Anokhi’s innocence is proved

At the beginning of the episode, Aashtha ask Shourya that how could he do this to Anokhi? She tells him that he should have supported her. Shourya tells her that let him do what he is going to do. Shourya says Before he become a bad son in her eyes he is hanging up the phone and talk to her later. Ahir comes to Anokhi to help her because Babli has asked him to do so. He ask Anokhi to come with her as he wants to do the proper investigation.

There Tej ask Ahir who told you to come here for the investigation. Shaan says whoever told him to come here, why does it matter to us? Shagun ask Priyanka to keep her mouth shut and ask her to don’t say a single word against her and Alok. She threatens her that if she say anything then she has to suffer a lot and she will also not help her in treatment of her father. When Ahir ask Priyanka that exactly what did anokhi said to him and at what time. She says that Anokhi ask him to defame Alok at around 11am. he says that she is lying because at that Anokhi is in her class and he has other students as witness to prove this.

Ahir tells everyone that the recording of Anokhi is made by using different recording of her debates. He says that they have tested that recording and this is fake. Later, Shourya puts pressure on Priyanka to tell the truth otherwise he has to take strict action against her. He says that he knew she is under some pressure because be got to know that her brother has got a job in this college even after the fact that he is under qualified for this job. Ahir also tells her that if she lies then a case can be filed against her.

Then Priyanka tells the truth that Anokhi hasn’t done anything. Alok gets nervous and says that this was all the plan of Shagun. Shagun says that she hasn’t done anything. Shaan ask her to shut up and terminates her from the job. Shourya ask Alok to sign the apology letter. He apologises to Priyanka that this college is not able to provide her a safe environment. Tej ask Anokhi to join the college again.

Shourya decided to leave his house and is packing his bag. Devi ask him to stop this. He says that he don’t want to live in this house anymore. He says to Tej and Devi that front the very first day Anokhi is trying to be a good daughter in law but in return she only receives your hatred. He tells them that Anokhi just want her independence by doing a job but you guys have problem in that also. He says that you both only cares about your traditions. He says no one is happy in this house and he wants to spend rest of his life according To him. He says that he don’t want to become second Shaan.

UPCOMING EPISODE- Devi and Tej goes to Anokhi apologise to her and ask her to come back. Anokhi says that she is feeling really good that they have come her to bring her back, but now she don’t want to go to that house.