Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani written update 24 July 2021 The Sabherwal’s reunite

At the beginning of the episode, Babli says sorry to Ahir for overreacting on the matter of their wedding. She tells him that the reason because of which she says no to him is that she don’t want to live in relationship where there is no love and it is based on a settlement. Ahir says that she is right and thanks her for explaining him things nicely. He says that he is just worried for and wants her happiness. Anokhi decided to leave the Sabherwal’s house. Babli ask her is she sure about her decision? Anokhi says that she is absolutely sure about her decision.

Shaan tells her that she should talk to Shourya for once. Anokhi says that now there is nothing to say between them. At the same time Shourya comes and says that he has lots of things to say that his life may fall short. Anokhi tells Shourya that she don’t want to go back to that house. Shourya tells her that he is not asking her to come with him because he Decided to go with her and wants to spend his whole life with her. Anokhi says that she never wanted him to choose one between her and his family.

She tells him that the way a girl never wants to choose between a daughter and daughter in law, in the same way she don’t want him to choose between anything. Ahir tells Anokhi that Shourya is the one who ask him to come for the investigation. Anokhi ask him that did he trust her from the starting. He tells her that he always trust her. Anokhi gets happy. On the other hand, Tej and Devi ask Alok to leave this house and also removes him from the board member.

Later, They both goes to Anokhi and apologise to her. They also apologise to Aashtha. Devi Says that they don’t want Shourya to live his life like Shaan and they will try to change themselves for their family. Anokhi denies to go with them and Shourya also supports her. Then while having dinner Tej regrets what he has done to his family and because of that today he is alone even after having a big family. Suddenly Shourya and Anokhi arrives and tells them that they can’t live away from them for a long time. Aashtha and Shaan also comes.

Everyone decided to live happily. Shourya serves the dinner to everyone. Tej promises to change his mindset. Bebo and kitty also accepts Anokhi. Later, in the college Shourya and Anokhi remembers how they meet and how they get married and promises each other that they will live with each other forever. He says that they will fight, have action in thier life and with lots of love and romance.