Sirf Tum 26 November 2021 written update – Vikrant rescues Suhani

At the beginning of the episode, Mamta brings Ranveer to the front. Vikrant says he and Mamta have a surprise for their son. He says they had decided that he will never put the weight of expectations on his son and this project is a sign of that. He asks Ranveer to reveal the project. Ranveer takes off the veil and it shows a model of the building.

Vikrant tells that this building will have houses for all sections of society. Ranveer says it is impressive and he has chosen a good name also, but the work is wrong for him. He says he cannot expect a doctor to make buildings. He says he has a better design in mind. He throws the model on the groundbreaking glass. Everyone is shocked. Ranveer apologizes and says he will be back. He gets some paints and draws on the table.

Suhani runs and enters a classroom. As she enters, a bucketful of garbage falls on her, and everyone laughs. A girl tells her that Rishi is a mastermind and he had planned it all.

Ranveer draws his dream project and gives it the name Mamta hospital. He says Mamta deserves this gift not him. He asks him to make a hospital, where the poor can be treated for free. Ranveer says they all know how devoted Mamta has been to Vikrant and she deserves this gift from him. Vikrant tells Mamta to take Ranveer away from there. Mamta asks Ranveer why he embarrassed his father. Ranveer says he broke all his ties with him the day he cheated on her. Mamta says that woman was characterless. Ranveer says this man is characterless and a liar.

John and Raghu try to call Ranveer but they have no network. Raghu ties a handkerchief around his phone to a stick and puts it out to get network. Raghu manages to call Ranveer. Mamta turns to see Ranveer gone.

Suhani goes to the washroom to remove the garbage from her head. Rishi and other seniors come into the washroom. They tells her to give them a special performance. Suhani gets scared and tries to leave but Vansh locks the door. Suhani tells them that she cannot do that. Suhani tries to use her bag to hit them but Rishi holds it and says she will have to dance in any case.

Ranveer reaches the college. Suhani bites Rishi’s hand and tries to go out but Rishi holds the door. Ranveer comes behind her. Rishi and others are terrified to see him. Suhani remembers how Ranveer hit Rocky and thinks that her father warned her that he will stop her studies the day he gets any complaint. Suhani requests Ranveer not to hit anyone.

Ranveer assures her that he will not do anything to them. He tells her not to worry and focus on her studies. Ranveer closes the washroom door. The boys are scared. Rishi asks him not to interfere in his matters. He tells that they just asked her to give an intro while doing a couple dances. Ranveer says he would have arranged a couple of dance for him if he had told him. He says he will show him how to dance and punches breaking the mirror.

Episode ends