Tera Mera Saath Rahe 14 October 2021 written update – Mithila tears Gopika’s pictures

At the beginning of the episode, Gopika takes the plate of breakfast for Saksham but he is working. Ba tells her that Saksham will be angry with her no matter what she does. Gopika says he is right to be angry as she is not the kind of girl he wanted as his wife. Ba asks till when will she keep doing all this. Gopika says she only has a few days to be with everyone and she will keep these memories forever. Ba warns her that those memories will not be nice. Gopika says she will keep it without letting him know and he will definitely eat.

Ramila tells Ashi not to tell Chirag directly to work. She tells Ashi to spoil Saksham’s work so that Chirag gets a chance.

Gopika says she will do everything in her might to help Saksham. Ba prays to God to let Mithila and Saksham see her goodness. Saksham goes out of the room. Gopika goes in to put his breakfast. She sees the jewelry design but feels something is missing. She makes some changes. Saksham comes in and asks what she is doing there. She goes without saying. Saksham wonders why the design looks better suddenly.

Mithila instructs the helpers to be very polite to the guests as they are coming from another country. She teaches them to greet the guests in Japanese. Gopika hears her. Mithila says they do not need help and tells her to go.

Ramila tells Ashi to put spices in food so that guests cannot eat. Gopika sees her and tells her why Ashi put so much spice. Mithila comes from behind and scolds Gopika for interfering. Gopika tells that Ashi put too much spice in dal and they must make dal again. Mithila sees that dal looks fine. She tells Gopika that she does not believe her anymore and she should go from there. Gopika takes the bowl of dal and drinks it directly so that they make the dal again.

Mithila scolds her for drinking the dal. Gopika says she is also a guest here so she drank it. Mithila takes Gopika by hand and says she will tell her how to help. She says Gopika’s face is a blot on their family. She tells her to remove her face from all the family photographs. She says Saksham’s life got spoilt because of her, so she must remove her face herself. Ba tells Mithila not to make it worse for Gopika. Mithila says she does not want to listen to anything about her. She tells Gopika not to appear in front of the guests.

The guests arrive. There is a kid with them too. Everyone welcomes them. Mithila offers them a welcome drink. The translator explains that he liked the drink. Mithila serves them homemade snacks. The kid is confused about how to have his snacks. Gopika gestures him to eat with his hands. Mithila sees her.

Ramila tells Ashi to spoil Saksham’s presentation. Ramila says Gopika has been sent to the room so she cannot even blame her. Ramila tells her a plan. Gopika sees her wedding album and becomes emotional as she cuts her face from the pictures. She feels she cannot do it. Ashi comes to her room as says she wants something from her. Gopika says she also wanted to ask her something. She asks Ashi why she did not tell everyone that she read her the wrong message. She asks her why she translated it wrongly.

Episode ends