Teri Meri Dooriyan 20th June 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Angad expresses gratitude toward Gurnoor for aiding Akeer. Gurnoor says Akeer ought to get his aggravation out of himself or probably he would be adjusted to live with it, they ought to train him to communicate his aggravation like different feelings or, in all likelihood he would figure out how to live with torment like his daddy. Angad wishes her goodnight and gets into his space to get something. Gurnoor sees Angad, Akeer, and Sahiba’s photograph and thinks they look so blissful. Angad offers her development check. Gurnoor says thanks to him. Angad sees a Z tattoo on her wrist and asks what is it. She overlooks and strolls to her room. Angad thinks what is that strange tattoo on Gurnoor’s wrist.

Gurnoor envisions her inward voice in reflect who inquiries till when she will conceal her character, she is committing an error and it resembles keeping Mr Brar in dull. She feels regretful and figures she doesn’t work when she is in this house. Next morning, Angad is in the middle of talking with his client during breakfast. Manveer requests that Akeer eat, yet he declines. Angad says he ought to pay attention to mamma. Akeer says she is Angad’s mamma and not his. Manveer in her rudest self asks Angad where is the guardian he recruited. Gurnoor strolls to Akeer wishing goodmorning to everybody and inquires as to whether he needs to visit jogger’s park. Akeer enthusiastically says OK. Gurnoor requests that he finish his morning meal and prepare. Akeer completes breakfast quick and hurries to his space to prepare.

Gurnoor inquires as to whether they need to go along with them to jogger’s park. Everybody gesture yes. Manveer yells no one will go anyplace, Akeer ought to be instructed discipline. Gurnoor says an unfortunate youngster lost his mom as of late and she is attempting to grab his mamma’s wonderful recollections from him, he would be broken in the event that she does as such. Hansraj says Sahiba is telling right. Prabjot says she is Gurnoor. Manveer gets resolute and yells that it’s her home and her standards ought to be observed here.

Beeja’s assistant government agents on younger students. Simran lets her companions know that she really wants to get back ahead of schedule as she is going to jogger’s park with her loved ones. Companion says she is an excessive amount of worried for her loved ones. Simran says she is worried for Akeer as he lost his mom as of late and he doesn’t pay attention to Angad any longer, Anad recruited Gurnoor miss who is taking them to jogger’s park. That’s what beeja’s associate hears and illuminates her that she tracked down Gurnoor’s area. Gurnoor takes Akeer, Bani, and Keerat to advertise. Akeer and Bani appreciate treats floss while Keerat stands unfortunately thinking something. Gurnoor asks her for what good reason she looks miserable. Keerat says Garry used to associate with her generally before marriage and after marriage, he doesn’t focus on her.

Gurnoor says she can go on a running with her everyday to cheer herself. Keerat says she will run exclusively with Garry yet can go on a stroll with her at the present time. Gurnoor gets some information about kids. Simran contacts them and says she will deal with kids. Beeja and her assistants follow Simran and look for Gurnoor. Gurnoor sees Beeja behind her and surges out with Keerat from that point. Beeja sees her and orders her thugs to get Gurnoor. Gurnoor gets into vehicle and departures. Beeja clicks vehicle’s number plate pic and orders assistants to figure out the proprietor of this vehicle.

Back home, Gurnoor calls travel planner and requests that he get her an unfamiliar ticket as quickly as time permits. Specialist requests that she send her identification. Gurnoor says she lost her identification. Specialist requests that she send her different records, he will apply for another visa and it will require some investment. She says alright and thinks where will she get records now. She reviews Sahiba and takes her visa. Angad strolls into room and asks what is she doing here. Gurnoor conceals visa and says she was passing by and halted to take a gander at the photoframe and saw every one of the 3 photographs are unique. Angad asks her not to get some information about Sahiba. Gurnoor leaves there. Angad turns off his versatile.

Gurnoor gets back to her room and checks flight ticekts. She thinks that they are expensive and thinks she needs to work 2-3 months more in this house to accumulate ticket cash, however she can’t remain here for a really long time. Manveer gets a school chief’s call and irately calls Gurnoor to descend. Gurnoor strolls to her and inquires as to whether she called her. Manveer says school chief had called and informed that Gurnoor took something from a rich house and got away from that point, she exploited being Sahiba’s doppelganger and is remaining here. Gurnoor says she ought to have addressed her prior to making any end. Manveer yells who is she to arrange her and slaps her.

Precap: Gurnoor asks Manveer how dare she is to slap her. Manveer says she merits it. Gurnoor says she can likewise slap her, yet will not because of her spirits; says Manveer believed her should go from this house, so she is going. She leaves there.