Teri Meri Dooriyan 22nd June 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Akeer offers his stash to Gurnoor and asks her not to take again as his mamma told take is terrible. Gurnoor inquires as to whether he thinks his Gurnoor miss can take. She strolls towards consuming coals. Akeer argues her not to go and runs inside the house. Gurnoor picks a consuming coal in her grasp and says she would prefer to go hungry than doing anything off-base, the genuine explanation is something different. She sees Akeer previously proceeded to cry again that she isn’t a criminal, reviewing Manveer slapping her. Angad leaves, drives consuming coal away from her hand, and asks what’s happening with she. Beeja spies Gurnoor from an entryway and illuminates Zoravar that Gurnoor is directly before her. Zoravar says he is coming to rebuff Gurnoor and show her genuine spot. Beeja requests that he come soon, she, when all is said and done, needed to rebuff Gurnoor. Zoravar orders his worker to make courses of action to go to Ludhiana.

Angad asks Gurnoor what’s going on with she. Gurnoor says she can endure everything except can’t endure Akeer calling her a cheat, she didn’t take. Akeer gets back with his piggybank and seeing Gurnoor’s singed hand firmly embraces her. Angad thinks Ms Kaur is stressed over a youngster’s viewpoint and consumed her hand to effectively defend herself, she can’t be a hoodlum. Gurnoor lets Akeer know that she will go at this point. Akeer inquires as to why everybody leave him, prior his mother left him and presently she is leaving. Gurnoor says she needs to go and strolls towards entryway. Akeer argues Angad to stop Gurnoor miss. Angad holds Gurnoor’s hand and takes her inside the house while Gurnoor argues him to leave her hand.

Bebe asks Manveer from did she get Gurnoor’s data. Manveer says she felt somewhat uncertain on Gurnoor starting from the starting seeing the manner in which she acts excessively cordial with everybody and got an affirmation from school head; her face is like Sahiba and she behaves like Sahiba. Jasleen says assuming face matches, nature can’t be same. Manveer keeps on yelling in an embarrassing tone not surprisingly. Jasleen says Angad and Akeer have gone out. Manveer says perhaps he went to pay Gurnoor’s compensation as Brars don’t keep anybody’s obligation. Jasleen says she is correct. Angad strolls in holding Sahiba and Akeer’s hand. Manveer envisions Angad bringing Sahiba and Akeer also prior. Prabjot says De ja ho. Gurleen says it’s de ja vu. Prabjot says she implies history is rehashing, hu ba hu.

Manveer yells at Angad for what reason did he bring a hoodlum back home. Angad says Gurleen isn’t a hoodlum. He opens Gurleen’s sack and shows her garments. Jasleen says they seem to be modest side of the road garments. Angad says does she figure a hoodlum would wear such garments. Manveer says her perspective towards Gurnoor won’t transform, she is attempting to show her garments and demonstrate that she isn’t a cheat. Angad says Gurnoor isn’t cash disapproved; when he recruited her and inquired as to whether she really wants something, she would have asked anything, yet she didn’t. Manveer inquires as to whether he implies chief is off-base. Gurnoor thinks don’t have any idea everything that Beeja said to head. Angad says even he was blamed for taking a jewel, does that mean he is a hoodlum. Manveer yells how might he contrast himself and this young lady; on the off chance that she is blameless, why a couple of individuals came from Delhi to Ludhiana looking for her, she is concealing something. She asks Gurnoor what is she stowing away.

Gurnoor says sufficient now, they are constantly denouncing him without any longer, Manveer is embarrassing her since she came in here, she can’t endure Manveer’s obtuse way of behaving, Angad without her authorization opened his sack and all in all nothing remains to be shown now, she is going from here. Angad says there is another component to show and shows Gurnoor’s scorched hand depicting how she rebuffed herself when they denounced her. Akeer says Gurnoor miss can be anything than a criminal. Gurnoor says thanks to him for confiding in her. Angad says he recruited Gurnoor to deal with Akeer and won’t let her go. Gurnoor asks him not to compel her as she can’t bear any longer embarrassment. Angad says he told anything that he needed to, he can’t so much for her, it ultimately depends on her.

Akeer inquires as to whether she truly needs to go and shows his mamma’s pre-arranged manikin to her. He requests that she keep it with her until he readies a time machine and meets her, then, at that point, the two of them will go looking for his mamma.

Precap: House cleaner gives up Gurnoor’s bundle from Zoravar to Angad. Angad is stunned to see a whip, rope, and a moving couple globe in it. Zoravar says he is coming to rebuff Gurnoor and whoever has shielded her. Gurnoor shudders seeing that. Angad asks what is this.