Thapki Pyar Ki 25 November 2021 written update – Hansika tries to make Thapki jealous

At the beginning of the episode, Hansika is talking to her mother. Meanwhile, Thapki enters the room. Hansika gets shocked to see her. She instantly cuts the call and wears her plaster. She tells Thapki that she is trying to talk to her mother. Thapki says that she came here to tell this that her father has came and give some stuff of hers. She tells her that her father told her that soon he will convince Anjali and then bring Hansika home. Hansika says that father’s are like this only. They loves their daughters som much

Thapki says that she don’t know about how father’s treat their daughters because she don’t have her father. When Thapki goes away Hansika says that Thapki is already so innocent then it is unfair to do this to her. Then she goes to Veena. Veena says that she don’t like it when someone interrupts her while she is doing Rihas. Hansika tells her that Now she have to live with the people she wanted to stay away from. Veena ask her to doing this. Hansika says that if she would have get her married to Purab then she don’t have to face all this. Veena ask her to get out.

Hansika has video of Veena in which she is exchanging the boards of brides. Thapki tries to get to know about her salary because she making calculations of her mother’s treatment. Purab comes out of washroom she ask him about her salary. Purab says that he will discuss thes things in office. He ask her to ready his schedule. While he is leaving Amma stops him ask him to have breakfast. Thapki comes and serves breakfast to Purab. Amma is about to eat peanut butter but Purab stops her. He tells Thapki that Amma is allergic to peanuts.

Thapki says that she have to give breakfast to Hansika. Purab also goes in her room. Hansika hugs him and says that she is scared. Thapki sees them. She says that she saw a lizard so she got scared. Purab tries to give explanation to Thapki, but Thapki says that she don’t want to know anything. Then he ask her to come from auto because they have to keep their personal and professional life balanced. Then Thapki is on her way and sees that purab’s car was stopped. She stops her auto and gives him lift.