Thapki Pyar Ki 26 November 2021 written update – Thapki sort things out between Purab and Veena

At the beginning of the episode, Hansika tells Veena that this time because of Thapki she got stuck. She says that this time also she will win. Veena asks her to shut up and goes away. Thapki and Purab reach to office. Everyone welcomes Thapki. Purab is discussing about the promotion of songs. He asks Thapki to write down everything. Then he asks Thapki what amount of salary she wants. Then he offers her 40000 rs. She says okay. She says thank you to Purab. He asks Thapki to call him Purab sir in office.

Thapki started thinking about home. He asks her to focus on work when she is in the office. Hansika is talking to her mother. Her mother asks her whether she started doing her work for which she is staying there. Hansika says that most of the time Purab stays in the office and now Thapki has also the office. Her mother asks her to try to be with Purab. Hansika says that tonight she will make Purab understand that only she deserves him. She ask her about her father? Meanwhile, Priyanka comes and Hansika got shocked. She says that she listens to her while she is talking to her mother.

Hansika says that she is having a misunderstanding. Priyanka asks her to show her the phone. Hansika has saved her mother’s number name in someone else’s name. So when Priyanka checked her phone she didn’t get to know anything. Later, when Purab comes home. He says that he is feeling hungry. He tells Thapki that he wants to eat pizza. Then Thapki goes into the kitchen to make pizza for him. Hansika comes at the dinner table and started talking to Purab. They started talking about their past. Purab says that he was her best friend and will always be her friend.

Then Thapki comes and serves pizza to him. Purab compliments Thapki. He asks Hansika to taste pizza. He says that Thapki cooks very nice food. Amma and Sargam tell Thapki that Veena has not eaten dinner yet. Then Thapki asks her to send Purab and Veena at the same way place. She does the same. There Purab and Veena talk to each other. Amma comes and asks them to sort things out between them. She says that tomorrow is Veena’s birthday and she doesn’t want to see any fights. Then she asks them to hug each other.