Thapki Pyar Ki 27 November 2021 written update – Amma praises Thapki

At the beginning of the episode, Purab and Veena sort things between them. Purab ask Amma about her pain. She says that now everything is fine. She ask him to get something for Veena to eat. He says that he will bring cupcakes for her. Amma tells Veena that finally everything is fine. Amma tells Thapki that she is like a diamond. She says soon Veena will understand this thing that she is the one who is making things right between her and Purab. Then Thapki goes to her room. Purab has brought strawberry flavoured cupcakes for her.

She ask him how did he know that she likes strawberry flavour. He says that he saw her eating strawberry barfi on diwali and today also she sent hampers to their clients and all things in them are of strawberry flavour so he take the chance. Then she eat that cupcake. Purab removes the cream from her face with the help of tissue. Sargam is thinking about Rohit. He asked her friend to tell Sargam to gift him phone and she get agree on this. Thapki and Purab fight over the temperature of A.C. Finally they both decided to keep the temperature 22.

Next day Thapki decided to do everything for Veena. Sargam says that sometimes she loves her so much. She says that this should have been said by Purab. Then Purab comes. Thapki ask him to wish happy birthday to Veena. He says that right now she is doing rihaas. Thapki says so what. She gives him Prasad which she bought from temple and ask Purab to wish Veena happy birthday with this. Then sargam and Purab both goes to wish Veena happy birthday. She ask them did they themselves go to temple and brought Prasad for her. Purab tells her that Thapki has brought this for her.

Veena didn’t says anything. Purab says that he likes it that today she doesn’t get irritated by the name of Thapki. Later, Hansika comes to wish happy birthday to Veena. Veena says that she don’t need her wishes. She ask her to leave her house. She says that she will show that video to Purab so it’s better that she should take a step back in this fight. She says that she isn’t scared of Purab. He is her son and he will convinced by her. Later, Thapki records birthday wishes of everyone to make a video for Veena.