Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 15 October 2021 written update – Kajol saved Anurag

At the beginning of the episode, Anurag was fighting with goons and Kajol was sitting inside Anurag’s car. Someone hit a stick on Anurag’s head and he fall down on the floor. Kajol get worried about Anurag and started crying. Kajol called an ambulance for help. Anurag said he didn’t need anything, but Kajol asked him to stay silent. Suddenly Anurag gets unconscious. Ambulance and media reporters arrived at the incident spot. Kajol and the doctors took Anurag to the hospital. Kajol was praying for Anurag, while he was in the operation theatre. The doctor informed Kajol that Anurag is out of danger and she can meet him when she gains consciousness. Kajol decided to inform her family that she will come soon.

On the other hand, Naina informed Arjun that Kajol had still not arrived at home. Arjun said Kajol may be enjoying with Anurag and there is something going between them. Naina said Kajol made excuses to enjoy with Anurag. Naina said Anurag didn’t arrive at her house because he didn’t want to face everyone. Arjun said Kajol trapped Anurag in her plan and she is so clever. Arjun asked Naina to keep eye on everything. Anurag gains his consciousness, Kajol gets happy after watching him. Suddenly Anurag’s family members arrived at the hospital, Anurag gets happy after watching his father. Anurag shouted at Kajol for calling his father and asked her to go home.

Kajol started crying and leaves from there. Anurag’s father said Kajol didn’t inform him anything. Anurag’s aunt asked Kajol not to cry for Anurag’s words and apologized for the same. Kajol get emotional and said she knew that Anurag is a good guy but sometimes he behaves differently. Anurag’s father asked Kajol to drop her, but she asked him to take care of Anurag. Kajol’s aunt was worried about Kajol and waiting for her. Kajol’s mother also getting worried about Kajol. Naina kept eye on Kajol’s aunt and thought that aunt knew everything about Kajol and Anurag. Kajol was going home and recognizing everything. Anurag regretting himself for shouting at Kajol and wanted to meet her again.

Priyanka arrived in Anurag’s cabin and asked for whom he is waiting? Anurag started thinking about Kajol. Kajol reached home, her family members asked where she was? Naina shouted at Kajol for staying outside till late at night. Kajol said an incident happened with her. Naina said Kajol is making fake storied in front of everyone. Kajol’s mother arrived there and shouted at Kajol for coming late. Kajol’s aunt asked Naina to stay quiet. Naina taunted Kajol and leaves from there. Later Kajol’s aunt prays to god to remove all the obstacles from Kajol’s life.