Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 26 November 2021 written update – Anurag got a reason to stay in Kolkata

At the beginning of the episode, Kajol went to meet Anurag in his office but receptionist said the Anurag is busy in an operation, because Priyanka asked receptionist not to let Kajol meet Anurag. Kajol was going back to her home but she left some keys in the waiting zone of hospital. Priyanka confronted Kajol and said she loves Anurag so much, and soon they are going to marry. Kajol decided to stay away from Anurag and leaves from there. Anurag saw Kajol but he didn’t tried to stopped her. On the other hand, someone called Kajol’s aunt and informed her that Kajol is going to receive a bravery award for saving Putul from a accident. Kajol’s aunt get happy, suddenly Kajol arrived at home.

Naina get to know about award and started taunting at Kajol. Naina said may be Kajol gave money to someone to give her award in front of everyone. Suddenly Rajesh called Kajol and informed that Uttam and his goon get arrested and because they firstlt gave money to Bishu and then they robbed him. Rajesh informed Kajol that Anurag did everything and asked her to stop gratitude towards him. Kajol also inform this thing to her aunt. Kajol’s aunt asked Kajol to give a second chance to Anurag. On the other hand, Anurag was going to airport to take flight for US. Anurag’s nanny gets happy because if Anurag go to US then he will went away from Kajol.

Anurag get a call, someone asked Anurag to give bravery award to Kajol in front of everyone. On the other hand, Kajol’s family was doing decorations for Naina’s marriage. Naina was very happy regarding her marriage with Arjun. Naina said may be Kajol’s evil eye can disturb her marriage and she asked Kajol to not to create problems in her marriage. Chandana asked Naina not to hate her sister. Chandana gave a necklace to Naina just to wear on a ritual but Naina said this necklace is too boring. Chandana recognized the moment when Bishu gifted her that necklace and she get emotional. Kajol aunt informed Chandana about Kajol’s award and asked her to attend award ceremony. Naina said its her marriage’s first function and that’s why no one should not give more importance to Kajol’s award ceremony.

Kajol said she will go alone to receive the award at the ceremony. Chandana said Kajol need to stay away from Arjun’s family and if she went to receive the award then she will stay away from Arjun’s family. Kajol get to know that Anurag will give her award and she started thinking about Anurag again. On the other hand, Anurag was also thinking about the moments he spent with Kajol. Anurag’s aunt asked Anurag to meet Kajol once before going to US. Anurag said he has no courage to meet Kajol. Suddenly Anurag’s nanny and Priyanka arrived there. Priyanka gave tickets and visa to Anurag. Anurag’s aunt said Anurag will not go to US. Anurag’s nanny shouted at Anurag’s aunt and asked her not to stop Anurag.