Udaariyaan 14 October 2021 written update – Jass is back

At the beginning of the episode, the constables tell Tejo now there are no complaints against her. Tejo ask what happened investors took their case back. The constable informed that someone took responsibility for it. While Tejo was leaving she saw they arrested Fateh. Tejo asks why he did this? Fateh says it wasn’t her mistake as she was no more a part of the academy. They locked up Fateh

Tejo and Abhiraj came back to Vrick’s house. He informed them that Fateh has taken all the charges against him. Jasmine gets furious and shouts at Tejo. Ruby told her to behave yourself. Simran requests Tejo to do something and bring him out. Khusveer says she won’t do anything as it’s not her mistake. Dada Ji asks Tejo what should we do now. Jasmine says why they all are behaving like this as it’s all Tejo’s mistake. Tejo tells Jasmine that she left the academy two months back and it’s her carelessness. She tells Jasmine that now it’s her responsibility to bring him out and he won’t help her.

Tejo came to the terrace and cries for Fateh. Ruby tells Gurpreet to calm down soon he will come back. Dada Ji asks the lawyer for some solutions. The lawyer told him we have to return all the money. Dada Ji asked how much amount. The lawyer replied more than one crore. Everyone gets shocked hearing this.

Jasmine came to the police station and ask why he took all the charges on him as now they won’t get the visa. Fateh says still she is worried about her visa. Jasmine says it’s not like that as we need to pay back the investors then only he can come out. Dada ji was telling Khusveer to bring Fateh out. Khusveer says he is not having this much money or else he need to sell the house. Tejo came and says there is no need of doing such things.

There Jasmine was asking Fateh why he always jumps to help Tejo. Fateh told her it wasn’t her mistake and accept that the academy can’t run without Tejo. Tejo told them that she will try to convince the investors. Jasmine thinks her plan failed and how she will bring Fateh out. Suddenly she saw Jass and her mother. Jass was telling her mom not to worry he is trying to bring her out.

Jasmine followed Jass. There Tejo was trying to contact investors and arrange a meeting. Khusveer tells Gurpreet that now also she will bring back Fateh as Jasmine is useless. Jasmine was thinking of an idea through which she can take Jass’s help.