Udaariyaan 15 October 2021 written update – Tejo is the new boss of the accademy

At the beginning of the episode, Fateh was in the lockup and thinks about Tejo. There Jasmine came to Tejo and taunts her for putting Fateh into trouble. Tejo says she is creating a presentation to convince investors that how they will pay back their money. Jasmine says if by chance tomorrow Fateh came out then she will take all the credit. Tejo drags her out of the room.

The next day Tejo was leaving for a meeting with investors. Gurpreet says today she would start the puja after Fateh comes back. Tejo took the blessings and went off. There Tejo was giving the presentation. The investors were not ready to believe again.

Jasmine and Simran go to meet Fateh. Tejo also went to look for Fateh. He tells her she shouldn’t come here. Tejo told him she came here for Mummy and papaji. Tejo gave him few papers and said if he could sign these papers then he will be free from Jail.

Meanwhile, Jasmine, Mahi, and Simran reached the police station. They saw Fateh was out of jail. Jasmine hugged him happily. Suddenly a mob came there protesting against Fateh. They all started telling negative things about Fateh. Jasmine thought they might apply ink on her face so she tried to escape. Simran held her hand and said to stay here as all this happened because of her. Soon they started throwing tomatoes at him. Jasmine thought this is the right time to prove herself. She came forward and save Fateh. They started attacking her too. Fateh joined his hands in front of them and requested to stop.

Fateh came back home. Everyone gets happy seeing him. Beji thanked God for bringing Fateh out of the Jail. He says thank Tejo too as all credit goes to her. Jasmine gets jealous and thinks again everyone is praising Tejo. Candy says he is feeling hungry. Everyone laughs and moved to feed “Kanyas”. Khusveer asked Fateh how she convinced investors. She showed him the contract. Khusveer ask if she is aware of what’s written in this. Tejo says it’s only a matter of three months she will manage. Jasmine thought about what contract she signed with them. Later Beji tells Fateh that tomorrow he should perform pooja in his academy.

The next day Fateh was waiting for Tejo. Jasmine asked why he has called her. Fateh acknowledged her that she is the new owner of this academy. As soon as Tejo came Jasmine started taunting her. Tejo says this was all her plan as she manipulated the investors. Jasmine remains in shock.