Udaariyaan 26 November 2021 written update – Fateh’s surprise to Jasmine!

At the beginning of the episode, Angad made the ring wear on Tejo’s finger. Everyone showers flowers. Tejo was a little shocked. Fateh was secretly watching them and feeling like crying. Now it was Tejo’s turn to make the ring wear on Angad’s finger. Angad moved his hand ahead. Tejo inserted the ring. Jasmine was calling Fateh but he ignored her call. Tejo and Angad took everyone’s blessings.

Jasmine was thinking about how he can be so careless. Suddenly he appears in front of Jasmine. Jasmine’s friend told her not to scold him now. Fateh said he need to talk with her personal. After her friends left Jasmine asked where he went off. Fateh says let me admire you first. Jasmine says first tell me where he went? Fateh gives an envelope to Jasmine. She was surprised to see Canada tickets. She started jumping out of joy. Jasmine told him my childhood dream is about to get fulfilled. Fateh told her it’s a half surprise and another one is bigger than this. Jasmine says she can’t wait. Fateh told him not to reveal it to anyone for a time. Jasmine told him to go and get ready as today we are having our wedding.

Fateh was thinking that he didn’t keep his promise given to Khusveer. Suddenly Angad came into the room and say’s what’s going on. There Mama and Mami went to Jasmine’s room. She gets angry on them. Mami told her that Tejo had called her as it won’t look good if she won’t wear bangles. Mama ji says this he has brought a nice one for her. Jasmine says this ritual is done in the morning. Mami told her not to worry everything will be done smoothly.

There Fateh was getting ready as a groom. Tejo was secretly watching Jasmine and feeling happy for her. Gurpreet and Khusveer were not happy with the marriage. Nimmo tells Tejo that she is having a big heart but let’s see Jasmine would stay happy or not. Later Tejo thanked Mami for coming on her call.

Fateh sat on the horse. Angad says fees something or the horse won’t move ahead. Then they enter the house with a band and music. There Jasmine was telling Sweety to keep an eye on Tejo. Tejo heard this and felt bad. Jasmine says it’s just a matter of today as tomorrow we are going to Canada forever. Tejo was shocked to hear it. Jasmine says from tomorrow Tejo won’t be able to look at Fateh’s face and he will be mine forever. Tejo’s eyes got filled with tears.