Udaariyaan 28 October 2021 written update – Tejo rescues Fateh!

At the beginning of the episode, Tejo came with Rukmani and claims that she is the real wife of Jass. He acts in front of them and says he doesn’t know her. Rukmani slaps her and asks whether he remembers her or not. Tejo showed the marriage certificate to the police officer. They arrested and took him off. Jasmine thinks Jass is very dangerous he won’t sit quietly. Suddenly Jasmine came out and hugs Fateh. He tells Jasmine to go home and he goes with Tejo to the police station. Jasmine thought Tejo will not go away from her life.

Tejo came back home with his father and other family members. Dadi says every time Tejo rescues us. Khusveer tells Tejo that she didn’t share anything with her. Tejo said he don’t want to trouble her. He says it’s my order that she will go back with us. Tejo says as you say.

Everyone welcomes Tejo at Vricks house. Jasmine feels jealous and thought when she will go away from here. The next day Fateh was finding difficulty in maintaining the balance sheet. Tejo came and helps her with it. He thanked Tejo for saving him and Jasmine. Tejo told him that they would get bail if they will appeal for it. She says as Jasmine is also eager to marry him. Fateh says yes. Tejo said this was only possible when we would divorced.

Tejo came to Gurpreet and shows a dress which she prepared for her. She saw Gurpreet worried and asked what happened? Gurpreet said she doesn’t know anything about Simran’s marriage life and for whom she will do Karwa Chauth. Tejo says she would keep fasting for the one to whom she is close to.

Satti was telling Ruby to send Shagun for Tejo. He says why he should send anything and for whom she will keep the fasting. Ther Tejo tells everyone that Jasmine has the full right to keep fasting for Fateh. Beji said this fasting is only kept by married women. Tejo says it’s a matter of a few days as tomorrow we are going for a divorce.

Jasmine went to Fateh and request him to keep fasting along with her. Fateh said he can’t keep the fasting as he feels very hungry. Jasmine got angry. Then Fateh told her alright he will also keep the fasting. Jasmine says she is very happy as Tejo is about to divorce him.

Tejo’s stomach was upset and the doctor suggested her to be on a liquid diet. Beji tells Gurpreet that god made her keep fasting for Fateh. Tejo, Simran, and Mahi went to market. There they spotted Jasmine eating. Mahi records her.