Yeh Hain Chahatein 10th June 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Specialist lets Arjun know that he has alloted a space for him so he can enquire with the clinic staff. Nurture lets Specialist know that the patient is conceded now, who has slug wounds and his endurance chances are less. She says he isn’t prepared for treatment until he gives explanation to Police, and said that he has some significant data. Arjun says I’m a common help official and he can give proclamation to me. He comes to Gopal (Shanti’s assistant). He sees his wounds and says he is shot commonly. Gopal apologizes to him. Arjun says I saw you somewehere, however where? Gopal says Shanti… my youngster… Compact disc 859. Arjun inquires as to whether it is some spot, what you understands what my kid. Gopal bites the dust. Arjun says you can’t bite the dust. Specialist comes there and actually looks at him to announce him passing.

Kashvi gets Arjun’s call. Arjun tells her beginning and end. Kashvi gets profound and tells that they need to decipher this code cd859. Arjun says this is the last expect us. He says I will go to programmer. Kashvi says she is leaving for lodging. She will check in RTO. furthermore, will see whether it is somebody’s vehicle number.He goes to the programmer and inquires as to whether this is any area. The programmer checks and couldn’t track down the data. Arjun says in the event that it is Album. Programmer gives him data about the Cd show. He comes to the Cd shops and enquire about the CD859. The person says he doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Arjun says you have great assortment of Cds. The person says you can see. He sees the entryway and opens it to track down a bar inside. He figures he will find solutions here. All of a sudden a few hooligans assault him and says he has seen as considerably more. They hit him once more.

Kashvi couldn’t track down any vehicle with CD859 on RTO site. She calls Arjun, yet his number isn’t reachable. She gets stressed and trusts that he isn’t in a difficult situation. She thinks they have tracker in one another’s telephones. She tracks Arjun’s telephone and views his area as Rajshri music assortment. She emerges from the lodging. Aditya is in his vehicle and sees Kashvi. He thinks what she is doing outside the lodging. Kashvi takes a taxi and goes. Aditya follows her, avoiding her taxi and remembers to figure out the thing she is doing. He gets Raunaq Sir’s call. He picks it, pays attention to him and says alright.

Kashvi comes to Rajshri music shop and enquires with the person, assuming Arjun has come here, showing his photograph. The person lies that he didn’t see him. He asks who is he? Kashvi says he is my companion and called me here. Kashvi gets far fetched. The person checks Kashvi out. Kashvi figures Arjun could have leave some sign for me, I need to track down it. She tracks down his telephone close to the rack, takes the telephone and leaves. The person thinks it is great that she went, she won’t return. She emerges and sees CCTV camera. She advises the retailer to show the recording and says she is a common help official. The person shows her recording. Kashvi sees Arjun going inside the Disc shop, yet he didn’t emerge. She thinks where did he go? She remembers to check at rear of the shop. She goes posterior and finds the tune playing. She tracks down the bar behind the Compact disc shop, and figures Arjun could have tracked down about this bar, and they would have gotten him. She thinks the Album shop is only a reason, they are running this bar. She figures Arjun should be inside and figures how to head inside. The person tells that Dilruba will start the dance in 20 mins.

Precap: Mahima lets Arjun and Kashvi know that they are Karun’s genuine guardians. Kashvi makes plan to invite her child. Arjun says all that will be great. Kashvi says my child Karun is coming to me. Entryway ringer rings. The woman illuminates them that Karun is missing and drops his pack on the floor. Arjun and Kashvi get stunned.

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