Yeh Hain Chahatein 13th June 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Mahima advises oblivious Arjun that what you need to be aware from me, that who is yours and your Kashvi’s child. She says your child was directly in front of you, yet you didn’t have the foggiest idea. She says Karun is Kashvi and your child. She says I pretended counterfeit pregnancy and caused you to accept that I am pregnant with your kid. Kashvi comes there and slaps her.

Not many hours prior: Arjun returns home. Mahima asks what has befallen him. Jagdish gets some information about his physical issue. Arjun tells that he had got a tip and had gone to get Kamal, the criminal. He says Kamal had pointed firearm at me and was going to kill me, and I contemplated Mahima. He says I have acknowledged the amount I love you. Mahima says you are fine, and this matters to me. Arjun says they will go to their room. Mahima requests that he come. Arjun inquires as to whether he will accompany him to his companion’s marriage. Mahima says she will come. Aditya hears them.

Aditya comes to Mahima’s room. Mahima says Arjun is in the restroom. Aditya says Arjun’s affection is phony and Kashvi and Arjun’s battle is a show to trick everybody. Mahima inquires as to for what reason will they do this? Aditya says Kashvi was at that point there in the bar. Mahima asks didn’t you ask Kashvi? He says he asked and Kashvi gave a reason. He inquires as to whether Prerna was her lifelong companion. Mahima says OK, Aditya says I’m a senior office and can say that it is their arrangement. Mahima doesn’t trust him and requests that he go. Aditya thinks she isn’t tuning in and needs to turn into a nitwit, so become the dolt.

Kashvi comes to the workplace. She gets some information about Raunaq Sir. Aditya says you are here in the workplace as you was in the lodging. Kashvi tells that she didn’t take free leave, and tells that Prerna left and she will look at after available time. He asks did you get any lead for Kamal’s situation. Kashvi says no, as Arjun don’t believe that she should meddle. She says she needs to give documents to Raunaq sir. She says bye and goes. Aditya gets a call from obscure number.

Mahima requests that Kashvi pin her saree. While Kashvi pins her saree, Mahima tells that she has butterflies in her stomach. She says Arjun is acting as her beau. Kashvi tells that she isn’t intrigued to hear and goes. Mahima thinks Aditya is questioning them superfluously.

Kashvi comes to Arjun and inquires as to whether he has brought the powder. Arjun says OK, I got reality talking poweder( truth serum). He says I will blend it in her beverage and will make her say regarding our kid.

Micky brings Karun out to have frozen yogurt. Kamal takes a gander at Micky and Karun. Karun says tomorrow is his school cookout. Micky thinks somebody is watching them and attempts to see. He doesn’t track down anybody and goes with Karun on his bicycle.

Arjun and Mahima come to the lodging. Mahima says there is no one’s marriage here. Arjun says he has booked official suite and there is no ceiling fixture there. Mahima grins. They says he needed to invest some quality energy with her. Mahima sits and takes the selfie. They come to the official suite. Arjun requests that she spruce up and says he will make drinks. He blends truth serum in the glass and pours champagne in it. Mahima comes there and embraces him. She says how about we start and have the beverage. Mahima drinks all the glass on the double and expresses bottoms up. Arjun beverages and feels unsteady, and swoons. Mahima changed the beverage. She yells inquiring as to for what reason did he cheat with her? She says she trusted him. She says it is great that Aditya informed me. She reviews when she was taking selfie, she sees Aditya and goes to him. Aditya tells her that Arjun brought you for explicit reason, and tells that it is a snare. He says Arjun and Kashvi have an uncertainty that you are familiar their kid. He asks her not to drink or eat given by Arjun. fb closes. Mahima says I have seen you in the mirror blending the powder in the beverage. A fb is shown, Mahima figures Aditya could have a misconception, and couldn’t acknowledge that Arjun loves me once more. She then, at that point, sees Arjun blending something in her beverage and flies off the handle. fb closes. She says for what reason did you plan huge, what you needed to be aware from me, that who is yours and Kashvi’s child. She says I will tell you, however what will benefit, as you are oblivious and won’t ever be aware. She says I will give you a clue, and tells that your child was with Kashvi, yet she didn’t have the foggiest idea. She says I was tricking you both since 6 years, and you didn’t realize that he is Kashvi and your child. She says Kashvi and your child is Karun, and not our own child. She says I was rarely pregnant, as we never become one, and tells that very much like you are oblivious today, even that day I caused you oblivious and made everybody to accept that everything occurred among us, and says truth is that, I came to be aware of Kashvi’s pregnancy when I saw her with the gynaec Gitika, and I came to realize that Kashvi is pregnant with your kid. She says from that point forward, I wanted to overcome Kashvi and to get you. She says before Kashvi could perceive you about her genuine pregnancy, I enlightened you concerning my phony pregnancy, so Kashvi disappears from our lives. She tells that she pretended counterfeit pregnancy, and got you. She says then I arranged with Gitika for the phony conveyance, to grab Kashvi’s child. She says I got Kashvi’s child and supplanted it with dead body. She says I brought Kashvi’s child and turned into his mom.

Precap: Kashvi and Arjun make courses of action to invite their child Karun, when school staff comes there and says Karun is missing.

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