Yeh Hain Chahatein 14th June 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Mahima tells that she had acted completely and pretended her phony pregnancy and caused him to accept that she is pregnant with his kid and made him hers, and afterward she arranged with Gitika to grab Kashvi’s child and trade him with the dead child. She says I turned into Kashvi’s child mother and gave dead child to her.She says the child whom I carried with me, is Karun. She says I realize that your kid can keep you both joined together, so I grabbed that moronic Karun and made him as my child, and made your solidarity as mine. She says you both can never figure out that Karun is your genuine child, I guarantee you that you won’t ever find. She says you both have lost and I have won, I’m the brains and giggles.

Kashvi comes there. Mahima gets stunned to see her there and asks what you are doing here? Kashvi slaps her hand. Aditya returns home and calls Kashvi, however she isn’t there. He believes on the off chance that she arrived at there to help Arjun, and remembers to caution Mahima with his other number. She slaps Mahima over and again and says you have taken my child and gave me dead child. She says how might you do this with me. She says you may be thinking the way that I know? She says this bluetooth gadget, one piece was in Arjun’s ear and one more in my ear, and it was associated with Arjun’s telephone. She says I heard everything, and says you are my sister and caused me to accept that Arjun has done all that with you. She says then additionally you didn’t stop and grabbed my child and got him far from me for quite a long time. She slaps her inquiring as to why she did this? She tells her that she will tell Arjun that Karun, Arjun and me are family, and you are that fiend who isolated us. She says in the event that Arjun was in his detects, he would have killed you. She gives counteractant to Arjun and he will acquire cognizance. She sees an approach Mahima’s telephone and places it in the water. Aditya thinks mahima disengaged the call, however she has this number. She says she will get many charges of extortion, hijacking and so forth, and says I won’t ensure that she ever emerges from prison. She calls Police and requests that they come inside. Mahima inquires as to why you are doing this absurdity and says I won’t give my assertion again for Police. She says I will document case on emergency clinic and will say that I didn’t have any idea when the children were traded. Kashvi giggles and says each villain’s day come, yet not today. She plays her admission keep in which she admits about taking Karun. Police comes there. Kashvi requests that Examiner take her and gives the admission recording, and says she has admitted that she has grabbed my child 6 years back. Mahima says she can’t remain in prison. Police takes her from that point. Kashvi attempts to make him gain awareness and says she will bring lemon water.

In the PS, Mahima advises Monitor that she needs to settle on a decision, and says she is a common help official’s better half and knows her privileges. Monitor says alright. Mahima calls Aditya and lets him know everything. She says Kashvi got her captured. Aditya inquires as to why she told everything because of carelessness, and heard Arjun-kashvi’s arrangement. He says do you understand that we have lost Arjun and Kashvi. Mahima requests that he come and rescue her. Aditya won’t bail her and requests that she go through all time on earth in prison. He says don’t call me once more and closures the call. He figures he can’t lose Kashvi with such ease.

Arjun acquires awareness and says I drank the flavored drink erroneously and our arrangement demolished as a result of me, I could have educated her regarding our arrangement prior to swooning. Kashvi says our arrangement didn’t fall flat, we were fruitful. He says Mahima admitted so many, more than anticipated. He says she is familiar with our child. arjun asks where is my youngster, I need to meet and embrace him. Kashvi says Karun, he is similar kid whom she has taken 6 years back. Arjun is stunned and inquires as to whether Mahima let you know this. Kashvi says Mahima told all that and tells everything. Arjun says this implies Karun is our kid, you are his mom. They review every one of the blissful minutes with him. She embraces Arjun cheerfully. Arjun is likewise blissful. Kashvi lets Arjun know that she can hardly imagine how she is Karun’s mom. Arjun says my fantasy to see us as family is valid, we are family. He says our connection is made by God, however we confronted many highs and lows. She says she felt protective love when she saw him first, and at whatever point he used to call her Maasi, she used to hear Maa. Arjun says we will proceed to let him know that you are his mom. Kashvi says then we will tell everybody.

Karun prepares to go to excursion and requests that Monty drop him. Isha lets him know that she has stuffed numerous parathas for him. Kashvi and Arjun stall out in the rush hour gridlock. Monty goes to drop Karun to school. Kashvi and Arjun come there and surges inside. Jagdish attempts to let them know that Karun went. Kashvi says she will meet him as his mom. Arjun likewise look through him and asks jagdish where could Karun be? Jagdish says he went for school cookout. He inquires as to whether he knows? Aditya says no. He figures he will accomplish something being the driving force.

Precap: Arjun asks Kashvi the number of plans she that will do, everything is great. Kashvi says there will not be anything not as much as flawlessness as my child Karun is coming to me. School staff woman comes there and says Karun is missing. Kamal calls Arjun and says Karun is with me and requests that he return his medications assuming he needs his child. Kashvi requests that the official let her ingest medications to Kamal. Arjun says we won’t return medications to Kamal. Kashvi gets stunned. Arjun says compelling reason need to return the medications. Aditya looks on.

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