Yeh Hain Chahatein 20th June 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Aditya lets Kamal know that he needed to utilize his disdain against Arjun and Kashvi. He says then I didn’t have the foggiest idea where you went. He then calls Kamal and illuminates him that Arjun and Kashvi were once hitched and had a child together, and he is a similar kid on whom I believed you should keep eye. He then requests that he grab him and says Arjun and Kashvi will not get their child back. He says then my greatest arrangement began, to isolate Arjun and Kashvi and make them battle by making Karun’s passing as the explanation. He reviews Kamal giving him medication to make Karun rest. Kamal then, at that point, calls Aditya and tells that he has captured Karun. Aditya requests that he call Arjun at some disconnected spot and afterward shoot him. Kamal says he isn’t his worker to do as he says. Aditya requests that himself quiet down. He makes arrangement with Kamal. Kamal says he will request that Arjun get the medications. Aditya says I realize that Arjun won’t bring and Kashvi will need to bring. Afterward, Kamal calls him, why you requested that I carry Karun’s faker with his facial covering. Aditya requests that he shoot the vehicle, as Arjun and Kashvi are bring counterfeit medications. He requests that he escape from that point on the bicycle, concealed there and afterward he will come to him following 2-3 days, and will give him medications and will do every one of the game plans to send him out of country. fb closes. Aditya says now Arjun and Kashvi will continue to battle all life. Kamal asks what did I benefitted?

Aditya requests that he take the cash, ticket and phony identification, to run off from that point. He requests that he proceed to carry on with his life. Kamal requests the medications which is worth crores and says the purchasers are hanging tight for it. Kamal says you will get it. Aditya sees Karun acquiring cognizance and points firearm at Kamal, saying he will give him drugs, yet give him Karun. Kamal says his Father wouldn’t give him tranquilizes and requested that he kill Karun. Karun says my dad can’t do this. Aditya says something similar. Kamal makes Karun hears Arjun’s recording. Aditya then impels Karun. Kamal plays the recording once more. Karun couldn’t bear and says I would rather not hear this. He says how could my Father say this, in the event that he don’t adore me. Aditya inquires as to whether his dad could do without him, and says I care for himself and you can’t contact him infront of me. He then shoots Kamal stunning him. Karun embraces Aditya. Aditya thinks I’m doing this, as I believe that your mom should toss Arjun out. He lets Karun know that he cherishes him definitely. He calls his official and requests that he arrive at there, as he has done Kamal’s experience and safeguarded Karun. He requests that he illuminate Raunaq sir and requests that he accompany him. Karun says I simply trust you now.

Kashvi figures Aditya didn’t call till now. Aditya comes there and requests that she accompany him. He requests that she shut her eyes and takes her to Karun. Kashvi gets close to home to see Karun. Yeh hain chahatein melody plays… .Karun races to her and embraces her. Kashvi cries. She inquires as to whether he is fine and says she can hardly imagine how he is fine. Karun says I’m fine because of Aditya uncle. Kashvi requests that Aditya give her everything about tracking down Karun. Aditya says I will say and says previously let me see your bliss. He says when I went to measurable lab, I came to realize that there is no hint of human DNA in the impact test, so I had a hunch that Karun was not in the impact. Kashvi says why you didn’t tell me. Aditya says I would have rather not given you counterfeit expectations. He recounts her the phony story and says when he saw Karun, he was feeling better, he saved Karun and killed Kamal. Kashvi expresses gratitude toward him and says I will be obliged to your blessings all life. She says you are my bestfriend sent by God and returned my Karun to me. She embraces and expresses gratitude toward him. Karun additionally embraces them. Aditya thinks he made this arrangement and believed that you should draw nearer to me, and today you are in my hug.

Divansh comes to Arjun and says Kamal is found, Aditya has done his experience. Arjun is stunned. Divansh lets Arjun know that they have found Karun who is alive. Arjun gets profound and cheerful. He asks where is Karun. Divansh says Aditya took him to Kashvi. Arjun comes to the lodging running and gets some information about Kashvi’s room. The assistant tells that she is in the meal corridor. Arjun runs there and sees Karun. He much love him. Karun reviews the recording and pushes Arjun, requesting that he stay away. He says I disdain you, you can’t embrace me. Kashvi is stunned. Arjun says why you are saying this? Karun says you believed me should kick the bucket. Aditya looks on.

Precap: Arjun lets Kashvi know that she is Karun’s mom. Karun inquires as to whether she is his mom. Mahima says I’m his mom, who is Kashvi to get my child far from me. Jagdish expresses shut up. Aditya requests that Kashvi accept lawful arrangement as Karun is Arjun and Mahima’s child even at this point. Jagdish requests that Arjun twist down and carry Kashvi and Karun to home. Kashvi says I have an arrangement.

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