Yeh Hain Chahatein 22nd June 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Jagdish requests that Arjun twist down and apologize to Kashvi and Karun, and carry them to their home. Aditya asks Kashvi not to go to Arjun once more, and requests that she work on something for Karun’s authority. Kashvi says I have an arrangement. Arjun opens the entryway and finds the dispatch fellow giving court notice, and tells Jagdish that Kashvi has recorded the authority body of evidence for Karun against me.

Barely any hours back: Arjun asks Karun, for what reason is he saying that he can’t embrace him. Karun says since you maintained that me should go gar away. Arjun asks do you have at least some idea what you are talking about? Karun says OK, and says that uncle asked you something and you wouldn’t give. Arjun is stunned. He says your work is a higher priority than me, in the event that any Father does this with his child. Arjun says no, I was simply trying… .Karun requests that he put an end to his falsehoods and says that terrible uncle caused me to hear your voice recording. He says Mahima Mamma used to say that you don’t cherish or think often about me, and that you are egotistical and so on, and that I am not significant for you. Arjun says you are my life and says I directed those sentiments toward befuddle him and catch him. Karun embraces Kashvi and says I would rather not hear him. Kashvi requests that Arjun comprehend that Karun was abducted and was saved only 1 hour back.

She says you needed to persuade him that you love him. Arjun says I simply need to clear his misconception. Kashvi says we both realize that you are answerable for whatever occurred with Karun as a result of your self image and choice. She applauds Aditya for looking through Karun. Arjun says I will be grateful to Aditya for my entire life. Aditya acts and says it isn’t required. Arjun requests that Kashvi assist him embrace Karun and enjoy minutes with him., Kashvi says I won’t help you and expresses out loud whatever matters is what Karun needs, and says he would rather not meet you. She says you have bombed as a dad and Aditya saved him however he has no connection with Karun. She says like Karun, even I would rather not see your face. Arjun lets Kashvi know that he never realize that she will stoop low for her adoration, however she is his mom, yet she can’t prevent him from meeting his child. He says on the off chance that you are his mom, I’m his dad. Karun inquires as to whether she is his mom. Kashvi says OK and lets him know that it is an issue on everyone’s mind, Mahima has taken him from her, and says she is the person who gave him birth. Karun says that is the reason I used to get Mamma feeling with you. Kashvi says I additionally used to feel child feeling with you. Karun calls her Mamma and embraces her. Arjun is glad to see Kashvi and Karun have an embrace. He is going to embrace them, however Karun stops them. He says I dont trust you and requests that he go. Kashvi requests that he go. Arjun says you are fouling up and says I will get my child back regardless of whether I need to battle with you.

Aditya comes to the mortuary and gives cash to watch, requesting that he shut down all the CCTVs camera and no access to anyoone. The gatekeeper says alright and goes. Aditya comes to Kamal’s dead body and calls him. Kamal gets up alive, as he was claiming to be passing. The two of them chuckle. Aditya says Kamal has done a marvel and says your phony passing has done miracles, and that Karun thinks me as hero and not his dad. He says he believes that I saved him. He says Kashvi removed Arjun from her life. Kamal inquires as to whether no one questioned. Aditya says no and says you had quit relaxing for long time, and afterward eveyrone accepted that you are dead. Kamal inquires as to whether you take me from here. Aditya shows him bomb attached to the wall and says he has intended to impact all the mortuary and give mukti to all. They go out and sit in the vehicle. Aditya then impacts the mortuary.

Arjun returns home dishearted. Jagdish gets some information about Karun and says Raunaq let me know that Aditya struck a spot and killed Kamal, and saved Karun. Mahima asks where could my child be? Arjun separates and cries, and says Karun can’t stand me. He says he despises me and don’t have any desire to accompany me. Jagdish says we will make them comprehend. Arjun tells that Kashvi herself feels that I am blameworthy and words impacted him a ton. Mahima says I will bring my child back and who is that Kashvi to get him far from me. Jagdish requests that she shut up and says he could have realized that Kashvi is his mom and that is the reason he is with her. He asks Mahima not to come to house, until they call her, and says in the event that he calls her, her bail could get dropped.

He takes Arjun to room and says you have done a misstep, and advises that his computation to save him turned out badly, and anything would have occurred with Karun. Arjun requests that he say like Kashvi. Jagdish inquires as to whether his self image is large than he isn’t tolerating his misstep. He says you used to say generally that Kashvi and Karun are his family and asks him not to battle with Kashvi, but rather twist down infront of them and acknowledge your error. He asks him what is significant family or battle. He says many cases will come, and he will carry out his responsibility with genuineness, however will not overlook his family as without family, an individual is dead. Arjun understands his misstep and lets Jagdish know that he said right. He says he will go to Kashvi’s home tomorrow and will apologize to her. He says he will bring his family back home.

Precap: Arjun and his family come to Kashvi’s home. Karun takes steps to hop from the overhang. Everybody gets stunned. Judge inquires as to whether she can deal with Karun as a single parent. Kashvi says she won’t deal with him as single parent and tells that Aditya is her life partner and she is wedding him following 5 days. Arjun is stunned.

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