Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12 October 2021 written update – Surekha taunts Sirat.

At the beginning of the episode, Sirat reaches home and the family celebrates her, she asks why they are celebrating. The coach tells Sirat that before leaving the ring the punch is made to knock the opponent. Kartik says that she qualified for Asian championship. Suvarna says to Suhasini that they should make a donation as both Kartik recovered and Sirat won the championship. Sirat says to Kartik that now he doesn’t have a reason to be angry at her, he says that now he doesn’t have a reason but she should not give him again.

Sirat comes to her room and sees a gift from Kartik. He says to her to open it and she finds gloves inside them. Kartik and Sirat then spend some romantic moments.

Surekha says to Suvarna that Mansi has sent a lot of gifts for the kids. Suvarna says to Surekha to bring her donation box, she gets a call and says to Suvarna that it’s Mansi and she needs to speak to her. Surekha says to send someone to bring the box. Suvarna says to Sirat to bring the box from Surekha’s room. Sirat doesn’t notice and by mistake brings the wrong box.

Sirat goes to Kairav’s room and tells him that he has always taken good care of his sisters and he has always also supported her. Sirat ties a thread around his wrist which is a bit lose. So she says she’ll get it tightened, Kairav says to her that he’ll keep it with him until he is big enough to wear them. Surekha takes Suvarna to her room to show Mansi’s gift and sees the box missing. She then asks Suvarna who she sent to bring the box, Suvarna says to her that she sent Sirat. Surekha loses her temper and screams her name from the hall.

Surekha asks if she is deaf and can’t hear her call her. Sirat tells her that she was with Kartik. Everyone asks Surekha why she is so angry. She tells everyone that Sirat sent the box sent by Mansi to the ashram. Suvarna says to her that it was her fault as well and didn’t notice the box. Surekha says to Sirat that she always unknowingly does everything like she met Kartik then fell in love with him and now the box. Surekha belittles Sirat for the family she is born in and questions the house for supporting her as she is a boxing winner. She taunts Sirat for leaving the kids home and focusing on her matches. She says to Suvarna that Sirat’s misbehavior thrives because she always supports her. Suvarna and Suhasini try to calm her down and tell her that she is overreacting, but she fumes at them as well for supporting Sirat instead of her.

Upcoming- An interviewer comes to interview Sirat. When she introduces Luv and Kush to them, they identify them from their girl abuse incident and run a news report in it. Luv and Kush call the family crying and upset and tell them about the news and the family gets angry at Sirat.

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