Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13 October 2021 written update – Sirat’s interview hurts Luv and Kush.

At the beginning of the episode, Suvarna and Suhasini try to calm her down and tell her that she is overreacting, but she fumes at them as well for supporting Sirat instead of her. Surekha says to them that Sirat is of no class and somehow managed to marry rich and now living her best life, she says sooner or later her true colors like her mother would come out and then the whole family will regret it. She says to everyone that they should be upset with her as her mother tried to steal Suhasini’s bangles and her stepfather hurt Kartik so badly that he needed an operation. Suvarna says none of that was Sirat’s fault. Surekha storms away from there upset. Kartik hears the screams and wakes up and wonders who it is.

Sirat continues to think about what Surekha has said to her while bringing Kartik’s food. He sees her disturbed and asks if something has happened as he hears some noise, she says it was Kairav and Vansh. Sirat says it wouldn’t have been better if she didn’t win the round as she would have had time for the family and kids. Kartik says where he is on her list, he then asks her if somebody has said something to her.

Kairav comes to their room to call them down as a lot of reporters have arrived for her interview. She says to the interviewer that the credit of her success goes to her family as they have accepted her as a daughter and even after her having a kid forced her to pursue her dream. The interviewer requests to interview the whole family. Kartik says that Sirat makes her very proud and he feels that a lot of young girls will take inspiration from her as even after marriage she had the courage to work towards her career.

Interviewers one by one interview the whole family and when they question Surekha, Kartik diverted them by asking Sirat to take them to her home gym. Kartik after Sirat leaves asks Surekha what happened between her and Sirat. Surekha says everyone is busy entertaining Sirat and he should also ask her wife as everyone will only blame her.

An interviewer notices the family photo and asks them to the other family members. When she introduces Luv and Kush to them, they identify them from their girl abuse incident.

Luv and Kush call the family crying and upset and tell them about the news running by the media after the interview and the family gets angry at Sirat.

Upcoming- Kartik before her match says to Sirat that she needs to win for the sake of all the young girls who aspire to be like her. In the ring Sirat feels dizzy and the opponent punches her and she falls down, Kartik goes to her as the referee starts the countdown and asks her to wake up as she promised him to win the championship.

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