Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th June 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Episode begins with Manish saying I wasn’t prepared for this marriage, however needed to concur for the wellbeing of Ruhi, I have a solicitation, Ruhi needs love, give her much love. Ruhi comes to Armaan and says you have sent the unique gift for me, I preferred it a ton. Abhira says stop the transport. Guide says we would rather not get late, sit back, don’t inconvenience us. She says I will hop down the transport, stop the transport. She yells for help. Ruhi says I m telling regarding the adornments you went on haldi, I cherished it. Armaan keeps silent. Charu gets the festoons. He considers Abhira. Vidya requests that Armaan and Ruhi trade laurels. Abhira says they are abducting me, help… . Guide says don’t inconvenience us. He stops the transport. She gets down and runs. Armaan ventures back. The festoons tumble down. Abhira says this can’t occur, I need to follow through with something. She falls out and about. Once more, she gets up and runs. Armaan says I m sorry Ruhi, I can never adore you, I can’t wed you. Everybody is stunned. Ruhi cries and says you can’t adore me, yet there is love for somebody in your eyes, who is it. Manish says don’t get shattered, Ruhi. Ruhi asks who do you love, Armaan. Armaan says I love Abhira. Everybody is stunned. Manisha, Manoj and kids grin. Abhira comes running. Armaan expresses marriage without affection resembles a cheat, I can’t swindle you, Ruhi, I love Abhira. Manish slaps him. Manoj yells. Armaan stops Manoj.

Manish asks what did you say. Armaan says I love Abhira. Once more, manish slaps. Ruhi cries. Armaan says I love Abhira, I had an opportunity to say reality after quite a while, I will say multiple times, I love Abhira. Manish slaps him. He asks where did your adoration go when you gave separation to Abhira and consented to wed Ruhi, I told you not to wed, this marriage has become resoluteness for certain individuals, for what reason did you get Ruhi to marriage mandap on the off chance that you don’t cherish her.

Armaan says I can’t foul up with Ruhi. Manish chastens him. He says you are a major cheat, I can’t excuse you. Armaan says you are correct, however I can’t express anything than sorry. Ruhi stops Manish and says Armaan is my eventual spouse. Manish says you are as yet saving him. She says nothing occurred, I will converse with him. She requests that Armaan come. Armaan says I love Abhira. Ruhi says you are in culpability to break the guarantee to her mum, you are confounded. He says I was befuddled till now, I love Abhira. She inquires as to myself, you said I m mature, there will be harmony in your life, all that will be simple, don’t you need harmony now. He says the marriage that doesn’t have love has no importance, you can’t remain content with me. She says I will cherish you a ton, relax, I guarantee, don’t do this.

He says I love Abhira. She asks where is Abhira, I m with you and will constantly be. Abhira inquires as to for what reason did you call me here and for what reason are in clinic garments. Ruhi says today our marriage, come, we need to wed before mahurat closes. Madhav says that individual permitted me to utilize his telephone, your and Armaan… . Abhira blacks out. He requests that she open her eyes. Ruhi says you don’t adore me, and still, at the end of the day we will be cheerful. Manish says don’t put your life on risk. She says I will converse with him. He says he doesn’t merit you, Poddar family broke my understanding today, I end every one of my binds with them today. Dadi says don’t say this, Ruhi resembles our girl, Armaan’s sentiments will end in a couple of days. Armaan says I really love Abhira, it will not get less. Manish says we will end this matter here, take the baraat back. He hollers at them. Suwarna requests that Armaan leave. Ruhi requests that he stop. They all leave. Ruhi yells and cries. Madhav asks what has been going on with her. Specialist says this happened due to pressure, are you a patient here. Madhav says I m a police officer, this scrutinizing suits me, you simply treat her. Dadi slaps Armaan. She says you got me offended, you broke me today, bravo… .

Madhav says Armaan and Ruhi’s marriage didn’t occur. Armaan sees Ruhi on the way. She insults him. Abhira says I need to know why he broke the marriage. Madhav says you can’t meet him.