Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14 October 2021 written update – Sirat goes through the drug test.

At the beginning of the episode, Luv and Kush call the family crying and upset and tell them about the news running by the media after the interview and the family gets angry at Sirat. Surekha says to her why she is after her kids as she in the morning destroyed the gift sent by Mansi and now destroyed the future of her sons Luv and Kush. Sirat says that she didn’t say anything to the press, they just asked questions about them and she diverted them. Manish says at least she should have told them that the press asked her such questions. She says she didn’t think things would escalate this way. Manish says to Akhilesh that they should go to Luv and Kush’s boarding school to sort things out.

The whole family reached a farmhouse and the family settled down. Suvarna gives Sirat an envelope, she tells them that the envelope has come from the laboratory of her blood tests. She reads the report and gets imbalanced and tells everyone that the report says that she takes steroids and is disqualified from the competition.

The whole family along with Sirat’s coach sees the news where they say that Sirat has been disqualified because of her drug use. Coach and Kartik go to get all of her medication tested. Surekha says to Akhilesh that Sirat got what she deserved. She says to Akhilesh that Sirat destroyed her kid’s future and now her own future is destroyed. Sirat defends herself and says to Surekha that she didn’t do anything to hurt Luv and Kush’s reputation. Suvarna hears their conversation and says to herself that Surekha has crossed the line today with her words.

The next morning, Sirat calls Kartik and asks what the report says about the medicines. Kartik says to her that her iron supplements have been tampered with by someone. Sirat tells everyone about the tampering, she asks Gayu if she remembers someone else around the pharmacy. Gayu looks towards Surekha and Suvarna too. They blame Surekha as she was the one who got the medicine from the pharmacy, Sirat tries to defend Surekha but she refuses Sirat’s help. Surekha says to everyone that she is disappointed by how they easily blamed her for such a cheap incident. She brings her packed bag and informs them that she is leaving. Sirat asks everyone to try and stop her, but Akhilesh says to Sirat that this time Surekha won’t listen to anyone.

Upcoming- Kartik before Sirat’s match says to her that she needs to win for the sake of all the young girls who aspire to be like her. In the ring Sirat feels dizzy and the opponent punches her and she falls down, Kartik goes to her as the referee starts the countdown and asks her to wake up as she promised him to win the championship.

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