Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16 October 2021 written update – Sirat wins Asian championship.

At the beginning of the episode, Kartik asks Sirat to stand and fight the match. Surekha arrives at the gym with Suvarna and cheers for Sirat. After hearing the whole family cheering together, she stands and gets ready for the round. She fights the round. The whole family gets worried as Sirat observes fast and yet is fighting. Kartik asks Sirat to hydrate herself, but Sirat says she’ll manage and win. The last round starts and Sirat knocks her opponent out and everyone cheers for her.

The anchor announces that Sirat wants Surekha to give her the medal. Surekha says to Kartik that she shouldn’t be the one to give her the medal as she never has supported her. Kartik says she supported Sirat when she required it the most. Surekha gives her the medal, the anchor asks Surekha to say something. Surekha praises Sirat for never giving up the spirit and her love for her family, she says to Sirat that she not only made her family happy but also the country. Surekha meets the family and everyone has an emotional reunion.

Kartik tells everyone that he has arranged everything for the Karwa Chauth. The ladies get ready at the farmhouse for the celebration and Sirat makes flower jewelry for the ladies. Kartik praises Sirat for looking beautiful. They have a romantic moment and they take a selfie together.

Everyone gathers in the hall and Manish and Akhilesh praise their wives for looking beautiful. Kairav and Vansh tell everyone that the moon has arrived, Arohi starts crying and Kairav says he’ll take her for a stroll. The couple performs the ritual and breaks their fasting together. Kairav and Vansh start taking pictures together, a couple confuse their baby with Arohi and take her stroller and leave their child.

Kartik apologizes to Sirat for not bringing her a gift, she says but she has brought a gift for him. Sirat takes out the medal she got and says that he deserves it more than her as he’s the one who pushed her to pursue her dream. Kartik says he just performed his duty by supporting her. Kartik says to Sirat that he feels if he is not there she can take care of the kids. Sirat asks him to take back his words and says to him that they will spend a lifetime together and watch their kids grow.

Kartik and Sirat call Vansh and Kairav for dinner. Seeing the whole family together, Sirat suggests taking a family picture. When Kartik looks inside the stroller he asks who’s the other kid, Sirat is shocked to see Arohi missing and some other child in the stroller.

Upcoming- Kartik and Sirat are seen passing on their legacy to their kids and their journey of Adulting starts, where Arohi and Akshu hold the lamp in rain with each other’s support.

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