Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th June 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Arman expresses sorry to Abhira. Madhav requests that Abhira keep away from Arman. Arman sends an expression of remorse to Abhira. Madhav requests that Arman go. Arman sent a bouquet to Abhira. Madhav requests that Arman leave. Arman communicates his adoration for Abhira. Madhav requests that Arman quit putting forth attempts. He insults Arman for bringing blossoms for Abhira rather than a costly gift. Arman says Madhav never gives blossoms to Vidya, accordingly he isn’t esteeming his work. Arman requests that Madhav go to Vidya. Madhav tosses Arman out of the house. Arman won’t surrender. Meanwhile, Sanjay discovers that the adjudicator is on vacation. He stresses in the event that Arman and Abhira’s partition truth will become unavoidable.

Abhira stresses Arman may be ravenous. Madhav asks Abhira not to irritate in light of the fact that, when she was ravenous, Arman was doing a commitment with Ruhi. Arman brings Abhira’s sack. He says he felt Abhira’s presence when she was passing by his baraat. Arman inquires as to whether she felt his presence as well.

Manoj, Manisha, Krish, Kiara, and Aryan inquire as to whether he met Abhira or not. Madhav answers for Arman’s benefit. He says Abhira won’t return to the Poddar house. Vidya and Kaveri discover that Madhav is with Abhira.

Abhira requests that Madhav return to Vidya. Madhav says he attempted to save his relationship with Vidya. He says Vidya and Arman need to quit getting impacted by Kaveri. Madhav says Vidya and Arman are experiencing the same thing.

Abhira attempts to take care of Arman. Arman requests that Abhira pardon him. He guarantees Abhira that he won’t ever leave her. Arman chooses to persuade Kaveri. Abhira requests that Arman eat food. Arman requests that Abhira return to his life. Abhira says Arman left her when she wanted him the most. She will not excuse Arman. Abhira requests that Arman return. Somewhere else, Ruhi discovers that Manish is confused. She chooses to help Manish.

Arman gets doused in downpour. Madhav gets some information about Arman, as she experienced in the past as well. Abhira stresses for Arman. Madhav tells Arman that Abhira isn’t well. He requests that Arman return home. Arman becomes inflexible about taking Abhira along.

Abhira requests that Arman return home. Arman becomes resolute about remaining in the downpour. Abhira calls Ruhi. Ruhi inquires as to whether she figures she will be content with Arman. – Episode Finishes

Precap: Madhav, Kiara, Krish, Aryan, and Abhira celebrate. Arman feels pleased that Abhira cleared her regulation test.