Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18 October 2021 written update – After eight years.

At the beginning of the episode, Kartik and Sirat call Vansh and Kairav for dinner. Seeing the whole family together, Sirat suggests taking a family picture. When Kartik looks inside the stroller he asks who’s the other kid, Sirat is shocked to see Arohi missing and some other child in the stroller. Eight years later, Akshu wakes from the nightmare and cries for Sirat. She comes and comforts her and says to her that she needs to forget the incident told by Kairav to her as they found Arohi very quickly as the couple who took her came and gave them Arohi and took their kid.

Sirat tells Akshu to stop being scared as Arohi will not go anywhere. Suhasini says to Suvarna that Akshu’s is the closest to Arohi and she can’t live without her. Akshu says to Sirat that she prayed to God for Kairav to not go boarding but he went. Sirat says to her that Kairav will always be close to her. Sirat then asks Akshu to go and meet Arohi.

Akshu goes down and finds Arohi, who shows her the gift she has prepared for Sirat for mother’s day. Sirat hugs them seeing the surprise and the whole family praises her for their efforts. Suhasini tells Arohi to call Akshu ‘didi’, Arohi says Akshu is just taller than her. Akshu says to Suhasini that they are best friends first so Arohi can call her by name. Sirat tells them that she also has got them a gift as they are the reason why she became a mother. Both Arohi and Akshu become happy seeing their gifts, Akshu receives a guitar and Arohi receives a tablet. The phone rings and both of them fight to talk to Kartik first.

After the kids leave, Siart goes in front of Naira’s photo and apologizes to her for keeping her identity a secret from Akshu. She says the reason that they took off the garland from Naira’s photo was to not let Akshu feel different from Arohi. Suvarna says to Sirat that because of her love the kids were never able to tell apart their mother’s. Sirat says that Akshu is now old enough to know the truth and it’s better it comes from her than anyone else as it would hurt her. Manish says he doesn’t think Sirat is doing the right thing by telling her the truth as everything is fine right now.

Upcoming- Sirat speaks with her mother on the phone who calls Akshu step-daughter and Akshu overhears it. Akshu cries and says to herself then who’s her real mother.

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