Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19 October 2021 written update – Akshu finds out she is Sirat’s step-daughter.

At the beginning of the episode, Akshu and Arohi in the room decide to call Kartik but receive a call on the landline instead and the person asks for Sirat, so Aksh gives the phone to her. Sirat says hello and Sirat’s mother replies. She says to her that Sirat has blocked her number, and so she calls the landline as she wants to speak to Arohi, her granddaughter. Sirat says she has two daughters and none of them are going to talk to her. Akshu picks her phone in the room and can hear the conversation. Sirat’s mother says she is not the one who is partial, Arohi is her blood and not Akshu and one-day Akshu will find out no matter how hard she tries won’t love her the same way again. Akshu is shocked to hear that Sirat isn’t her real mother.

Akshu sits with the photo album and compares the photograph and is not able to figure out why Sirat’s mother said that she is her step-daughter. Akshu decides to go and talk to someone and ask about it. Sirat in her room is taking her anger out on the punching bag remembering her mother’s words.

Akshu tries to talk to everyone but as they are busy she is unable to find the truth. Sirat brings them dresses to wear for a party organized by Manish for them. Arohi after Sirat leaves asks Akshu why she is so lost, Akshu asks her to come with her. Arohi says to Akshu after hearing about the step-daughter thing that she might be confused.

At the party, Ladies get surprises from their kids and celebrate and receive heartwarming speeches. Manish tells everyone that Akshu is the one who planned everything and all the others helped her out. Sirat thanks them and says she is the luckiest mother because she has daughters like them. Sirat, while feeding Akshu cake, contemplates telling Akshu today about Naira and worries if she would hate her. Akshu performs a song for Sirat and thinks about the step-daughter thing and starts crying. Everyone consoles her but she continues crying.

The family asks Arohi if she knows why Akshu is upset. Arohi says that Akshu found out that Sirat isn’t her real mother as she heard somebody talking to Sirat on phone saying she is her stepmother. Manish says to Akshu that it isn’t true and Sirat is her mother.

Upcoming- Manish says to Sirat that they feel ashamed and pitiful of Sirat’s family background and he believes one day it will show in the kids no matter if they get the same morals, the blood will show. The girls hear Manish and Arohi asks him why he is speaking to her mother like that.

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