Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th June 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

The Episode begins with Abhira missing Akshu. She says mumma, you and Armaan have contributed a ton to my prosperity, he generally upheld my examinations, he battled Dadi for my work, this festival is deficient without you and him, yet I can’t call him inside, he is no more. Madhav gets a cake. The children request that she make a wish. Abhira slices the cake and feeds to Madhav. Madhav says I m glad for you. Krish says others are holding on to have the cake. She takes care of the cake to them. Charu says we ought to leave now. Madhav says have food and go, I will prepare you to confront your Nanisa. Krish asks what are you doing, Armaan loves you a ton, for what reason aren’t you going to him. Abhira says its not straightforward. Aryan expresses go to him, return home. Kiara says I comprehend, she has endured a ton, buts getting genuine romance simple. Abhira says I realize Armaan is a tubelight however I need a bulb, he previously left. Kiara says no, he has… Madhav says you are kids, remain that way, I have pressed the food, go at this point. They take his endowments. Armaan comes and requests that Abhira come, there is a shock. He gifts her a vehicle.

He says I won’t allow you to go by walk currently, simply see, it’s a major vehicle, we as a whole can go on a lengthy drive. Abhira indignantly breaks the vehicle windscreen. Armaan asks what on earth, how did you respond. Abhira asks what do you do by giving this vehicle, its not interesting. He says I figured you will be blissful. She says you were unable to comprehend where my joy lies, kindly return home, don’t burn through your time. He says I will be destroyed without you, what’s the issue. She says I don’t need your cash and gifts. Madhav requests that the children leave. He says you broke her trust, you won’t win it back by giving her gifts, quit taking important choices for her, she is free and have regard, she needs a soul mate, not a guardian. The children say Armaan wouldn’t come. Vidya asks what. Charu says Abhira will not concur effectively, Armaan gifted her a vehicle and she broke the windscreen. Sanjay and Manisha contend. Dadi looks on. Madhav takes Abhira’s pics. She expresses gratitude toward him. She says I generally thought mumma will accompany me today, yet destiny had different plans, I can’t get mumma back, yet I can alter her in pic. Armaan additionally clicks her pics. She asks whose camera is this, it looks old. Madhav says somebody gifted this to me. She asks who. He says I need to go, I have forthcoming work, then, at that point, I will come in your conference function, the very best. Armaan figures Madhav didn’t converse with me and that’s what rohit like, however I m cheerful, you are ideal Daddy for Abhira. Abhira takes Madhav’s favors. Armaan staggers and falls. Armaan holds her. Madhav insults. Armaan says I need to apologize to her. Abhira leaves. Ruhi says you can waste the plans. Manish says its great. She says you can come clean with me, I can deal with it. He embraces her and says you really want to trust yourself.

At the assembly function, Abhira misses Akshu and reviews her words. She gets situated. The woman compliments every one of the understudies. She requests that Sanjay come and give declarations to everybody. Armaan comes and remembers to converse with Abhira. The woman calls the young ladies and Abhira as well. Armaan takes the pics. He sees Sanjay taking Abhira’s testament and placing it in the water bowl. He blows up.

Sanjay says your declaration hasn’t arrived, you can’t satisfy your fantasies by alternate route. The woman says we will investigate the matter, you pause. Abhira sees Armaan. Madhav calls her and asks did the function start. She says not yet, you can complete your work and come.

Abhira gets the unique testament on her assembly day. Armaan shocks her and riches the day. Madhav captures Armaan. Abhira contends to shield Armaan.