Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21th June 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

The Episode begins with Abhira saying how might I organize cash, I will sell the telephone. Krish calls her and asks did you rescue Armaan. She says I was orchestrating cash for his bail. He asks what then, at that point, will you pardon him and allow him an opportunity. Ruhi is coming. She says sorry Armaan, I need to continue on and avoid you. Armaan is rescued once again from the lockup. Madhav says ensure he doesn’t take off. Armaan insults him. Vidya comes and asks where is my child. She contends with Madhav. She says you are Abhira’s father, leave Armaan free. He says no. She says you didn’t perform a spouse’s responsibility, you just kept a police officer’s obligation, you couldn’t care less on the off chance that somebody’s heart penniless, I have no opportunity to converse with you, I have come to rescue Armaan. He gives the bail papers and requests that she give cash. She breaks her mangalsutra and gives it. He asks will you give your mangalsutra to rescue Armaan. She says my better half isn’t with me, for what reason will I keep its sign. He says fine, you can take your child. Armaan comes and embraces her. He says thanks to her. She cries.

He says individuals are correct, mum generally upholds you. She reviews Ruhi’s words. She moves away. She says you didn’t get back home for the good of I, you’re not my Armaan, you have stooped low enamored. She leaves. Madhav says Armaan… Armaan says you in the middle between, this is occurring a direct result of you, Abhira and I would have persuaded the family, I m going to Abhira now. He goes to Abhira. She embraces him. She says I was stressed for you. She breaks the embrace and says this isn’t correct. He says we love one another, I realize I need to win your trust, father isn’t permitting me. She requests that he leave. He says fail to remember everything for at some point and pay attention to your heart. They contend. He says I won’t allow anybody to divide us, you need to excuse me, else I will stay put. She makes him away and says I simply realize I love you, yet I m terrified, you will leave me in the future and I will break. He says no, you are my life, my adoration. She says I m not your need, go now, I really want some time. He requests that she open the entryway. She plays clearly music and cries. He yells open the entryway, I m calling you from my heart, Abhira… . She closes her ears. She says kindly give me some time. He says I give you the whole life. He goes. Principal kahan… plays…

Manoj and Sanjay immediately shut the entryway. Krish says I need to go out. Sanjay says no, riots began in the city, where are the children and Kajal. Manisha says kids are in their room. Dadi says Kajal is in my room, she is finding my medication, Madhav hasn’t arrived. Vidya says Armaan hasn’t arrived. She requests that Krish call Armaan. Abhira searches for Armaan. The man expresses stay inside, there are riots in the city. Abhira calls Armaan. Manoj says Madhav may be occupied in taking care of the circumstance, you can definitely relax. Krish says Armaan’s telephone isn’t reachable. Abhira gets Madhav’s call. Madhav requests that she be at home and not open the entryway, request that Armaan return home, riots have begun in Udaipur. Abhira calls Armaan. She gets his number occupied and says is he at serious risk, I need to take a quick trip and see. Armaan converses with his client ready to come in case of an emergency. He checks Abhira’s missed calls and says she chose unexpectedly early. Abhira comes. He says you were anxious to converse with me. She says there are riots in Udaipur, I called you commonly, I came to illuminate you, return home, I will make due. Armaan says I can’t abandon you in this present circumstance. They see the thugs.

Armaan says we would rather not battle. He takes off his coat, watch and wallet. He requests that they take all that and let them go. The hooligan picks the things. Armaan says I have given everything, what else do you need. The hooligan says I need this young lady. Armaan compromises the thugs to take off. Abhira gets terrified and holds Armaan.

Armaan builds up to 3. The thug assaults him. Armaan begins battling with them. The hooligan hits Armaan with a blade. Abhira beats them with a pot. Armaan sees the hooligan going to cut Abhira. He in the middle between and gets wounded. Abhira yells Armaan. Vidya stresses and says Manisha, I need to go to Armaan. Manisha says no, there is risk outside, I will call Abhira and inquire. The hooligans leave. Armaan tumbles down with the blade wounded in his chest. He says Abhira… . Abhira cries in shock. She sees a hooligan coming. She picks a bar and says I have a lot of outrage, you have shed Armaan’s blood. She beats the thug. She holds Armaan and asks are you fine. Armaan asks are you fine, I won’t allow anything to happen to you. She says senseless, I ought to say this.

Armaan says our adoration won’t allow haziness to come in our lives. Abhira asks who did you love before our marriage, for what reason didn’t you say she was Ruhi. He says it wasn’t love. She says you generally misled me. She chastens him. He falls and yells Abhira.