Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd June 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

The Episode begins with Abhira saying I need to eliminate this blade. She eliminates it. Armaan shouts. Abhira attaches a fabric to his injury. Manisha calls her. Abhira doesn’t reply. Vidya stresses. Manisha says perhaps she is in some issue. Abhira says how might I take Armaan to the medical clinic. She requests that Armaan stay cognizant. Vidya appeals to God for Armaan and Abhira. Manisha and Dadi look on. Abhira brings Armaan back home and closes the entryway. She calls a specialist. She says I need to converse with Dr. Joshi. She addresses Dr. Joshi and says my significant other… . he is harmed, might you at any point come. He says I cannot come, there is swarm in the medical clinic, many lives are at serious risk, sorry, I can’t help you. She says kindly don’t decline. He says I can guide you, you are his better half, you need to save him, right. She requests that he say, Armaan is wounded in his chest. He directs her. Abhira requests that Armaan sit calm. She says I m going to scientist store, I will just come. She leaves.

He goes to the entryway. She comes and holds him. She closes the entryway. The hooligans request that they open the entryway. Abhira holds Armaan. She cuts his shirt and eliminates it. She does the guide to his injury. Yaara teri… . Plays… She says you need to endure this aggravation for the good of I. Armaan says I can endure any aggravation for the wellbeing of you, I m prepared. He wipes her tears. She requests that he take drugs. He says we battled for one another, we love one another, acknowledge this. She says you want rest. He says I feel very still when you are with me, you feel hurt when I m hurt, for what reason do you make me away, mightn’t we at any point make another beginning, please, I love you, you are my first and last love. She says yet you cherished another person before marriage. He gets mixed up. He says I need to let you know something pixie, Ruhi and I… . He blacks out. She gets Manisha’s call. Manisha asks are you fine, is Armaan with you. Abhira says OK, he is with me, I will call you later. Dadi lashes out and says she ought to have made us converse with Armaan. Manisha says OK, yet he is with Abhira, he is protected. Abhira requests that Armaan awaken and take medications. She gives him the meds. Armaan says don’t leave me and go. Abhira says I m here with you.

Krish shields Abhira. Kajal says she ought to deal with Armaan. Sanjay says she is egotistical. Manisha says you fouled up with her. Manoj says you have grieved her a ton. Manisha says you anticipate that she should consider the family. Sanjay asks who is she to us. They contend. Dadi and Vidya stress. Abhira holds Armaan and they rest. Madhav returns home and sees them. They awaken. Madhav asks what befell you, Armaan, did you stall out in the uproars. Armaan says you would be lamenting that I m alive. Madhav says no, I will take you to the specialist, I will get a shirt for you. Armaan says compelling reason need. He requests that Abhira make him wear his jacket. Abhira assists him with wearing it. Madhav says your wellbeing is devil. Armaan says I m going from here. He doesn’t hold Abhira and reviews her words. He says I told you, I will hang tight for you for my entire life, I love you, I will leave my adoration lamp consistently, the day you acknowledge my affection, you likewise light a light for me, think well and reply, I m not in a rush. He leaves.

Dadi says its their choice to not return home. Vidya says you know the explanation. Dadi says they are difficult. Vidya asks will I trust that my child and spouse will return. Dadi says I lament to say, you were unable to deal with them, you are a frail mother and powerless spouse, when you got to realize Ruhi and Armaan cherished one another, you acknowledged their adoration. Dadi heard Ruhi’s words. She says you have concealed it from me, I realize Armaan forfeited his adoration, yet Rohit likewise followed through on a cost, he got cheated.

Vidya says Armaan is content with Abhira. Dadi asks will you acknowledge Abhira. Armaan meets his cousins at a bistro. He asks them not to enlighten anything regarding his physical issue. Charu says everybody is concerned, they miss you, you won’t come without Abhira, right. Krish says begin calling Abhira as Bhabhi. Kiara expresses consider Armaan. Abhira says I trust my adoration, Abhira will come to me, I have trust till I m alive. Krish says hashtag genuine romance. Armaan says I need to go at this point. Krish gives him the light and wishes him best of luck. They all embrace him. Armaan grins.

Armaan says our adoration won’t allow dimness to come in our lives. Abhira asks who did you love before our marriage, for what reason didn’t you say she was Ruhi. He says it wasn’t love. She says you generally misled me. She chides him. He falls and yells Abhira.