Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25 February 2022 written update: Abhimanyu gets upset with Akshu

In the beginning of the episode, the family goes to Manish’s ward. He says he saw his whole life flash in front of his eyes and felt the end had come. He says then he saw his children asking him to stop and he couldn’t leave. Abhimanyu comes to the ward and says to them that Manish needs rest, Arohi says that he is right the more Manish rest the quicker the recovery will be. Manish says to Abhimanyu that he has to talk to his wife and mother about something important, Abhimanyu allows him but asks him to make it quick. After everyone leaves, Suhasini asks him what he is thinking. Manish says to them that he saw his death too closely and doesn’t want his kids to be unhappy. He says before something happens to him he wants to ensure his kids happiness is secured.

Akshu sits with Abhimanyu outside on a bench drinking juice. She tells Abhimanyu that Manish told them inside that his life flashed in front of him. She says to him that she never thought that she would be the reason for her grandfather’s hospitalization. She says to Abhimanyu that she left home for her family’s peace and today she has kept her happiness above them. She complains that she never wanted a love that would be the cause of her family’s pain.

He gets tears and looks with disappointment towards Akshu. He says she is right and wants to know what kind of love they have, whenever she speaks of it, it’s always for her family first. He asks him what kind of love it is that he has fought for madly, and anyone calls it a madman. She interrupts him, he says to her that she said spoke her heart out now it’s turn.

Abhimanyu says to him that he wasn’t the one to fall in love, he only had to look after his patients and mother. He says then he met her and fell in love with her. Then he was ready to sacrifice anything for her and has kept her family above his. She apologizes to him. He says he gets hurt when she questions their love. She hugs him, and he has flashbacks of every time Akshu kept her family above him. Akshu gets the call from Kairav and Abhimanyu asks her to go.

Suvarna tries to feed Manish the soup. He complains that it doesn’t have any taste. Abhimanyu comes and says to him that he has to drink the soup, as if he doesn’t he will scold him. He then feeds him the soup. Manish remembers Kartik as he feeds him. Meanwhile Akshu is in the house while preparing for Maha Shivratri, and says to Arohi that she knows what she did and it hurts her.

Upcoming- On Maha Shivratri, Abhimanyu checks his phone, and says to himself that Akshu even after knowing that he’ll be busy in the prayers today didn’t text him. Manish shows up at Birla house.

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