Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8 October 2021 written update – Mukesh hurts Kartik.

At the beginning of the episode, At the practice, Mukesh taunts Sirat when she learns a new move and looks in good shape for her matches. He goes near Sirat’s bag and checks her phone and says to himself that he’ll shatter her dream of an Asian championship. Sirat after her workout session thinks of checking her phone in hopes of receiving some pictures from the family of their picnic but gets disappointed when doesn’t see any and wonders nobody is missing her and enjoying themselves. While the family plays dumb charades, Sirat video calls them and guesses a movie and then speaks with Kartik who tells her that they miss her.

During Sirat’s practice at the secret location Mukesh records Sirat practicing and then says to her that she can forget her dream of an Asian championship, he says that he thought of declaring her unfit and ruling her out of the selection. Sirat says she will also tell the federation that he doesn’t let her practice and everyone in the federation would back her but Kartik arrives from behind and throws his phone and says he has recorded him saying how he planned to rule out Sirat from the competition. Mukesh pushes him and Kartik gets hurt.

They reach home and Sirat tells everyone the truth. Manish gets very angry and says that he would make Mukesh pay. Sirat says she has called for the doctor. The doctor tells them that everything looks okay from the outside but he should come to the hospital for an x-ray and other tests. Kartik after the doctor leaves says to Sirat to not think about him and focus on her tomorrow’s qualifying match and he would go to the hospital with Manish. Sirat says she won’t leave him alone as he is more important to her than the matches. Kartik says but for him her championship is important. At night Kartik doesn’t feel alright as he still feels in pain

In the morning when Sirat wakes and doesn’t find Kartik in bed gets anxious. Kartik brings her breakfast and then tells her that he is fine and she should go for the match. At the hospital the doctor says that he has an internal injury and they might need to do an operation, leaving Manish shocked. Sirat calls Kartik, he says to Manish that they need to hide his report from her until the match. He speaks to her and pretends that he is fine and asks her to focus as her name is already announced.

Upcoming- The doctor says that there has been blood loss in Kartik’s operation and the hospital doesn’t have his blood group. Mukesh calls Sirat and she overhears the doctor’s conversation with the family during the match and gets distracted and worries about Kartik.

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