Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update 29 July 2021 Kartik gives a live interview to Aradhana.

In the beginning of the episode, Narendranath gives Aradhana Ranveer’s phone. He tells her that there is a recording in Sirat’s voice where she confesses her feelings for Kartik. Aradhana gets Kartik’s call where he tells her that he is ready to do the interview. Aradhana tells Narendranath that she’ll take the phone with her. Manish asks Suhasini about what Kartik is thinking to do. She tells him that he’ll do something which will go in favour of everyone. Kartik comes there and tells him that he’s going to give an interview which will be live.

Aradhana arrives at the goenka house. She tells Kartik that she knew that he’ll accept her offer as the power of media is such. Kartik says it’s power of truth that brought him here, he also says to her that he is aware people like her though alter the truth. He then tells Aradhana that he’ll do a live interview. Kartik notices Ranveer’s phone with Aradhana. He drinks water and then drops the glass on the table which destroys the phone. The interview starts. Aradhana asks Kartik who’s friend he is, Ranveer or Sirat. He says he was friends with both but he knew Sirat before Ranveer. Kartik tells that Kairav used to think that Sirat was her mother as her face looks like Naira. Aradhana asks Kartik if he falled for her thinking she is his wife. Aradhana asks if Sirat is dragging him into the murder case. Kartik says Sirat never can do such a thing as she’s the most honest. He says it’s very easy to judge someone but to find the actual truth is tough.

Kartik then says that if they want to know about Ranveer and Sirat’s relationship, they were friends since they were kids and loved each other. Aradhana then asks when did Sirat start poisoning Ranveer before marriage or after. Kartik asks Aradhana how is she so sure that Sirat poisoned Ranveer, was she present there. He tells her that she should have first spoken to Ranveer’s doctor as he died of lead poisoning. Aradhana asks Kartik was he present in Sirat’s room when Ranveer died. Kartik accepts that he was present in their room.

Upcoming- Sirat misses Maudi in the jail. Maudi says to Kartik that she wants to meet Sirat before she dies. Kartik tells her not to say that. Maudi says if that happens promise that he’ll take care of Sirat.

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