Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 14 October 2021 written update – Amrita applies for a job

At the beginning of the episode, Meera asks her brother that is he taking drugs? He says no and asks her why she is asking him this? Meera tells him that his eyes are always red, he is getting dark circles and getting thin day by day. She tells her that she loves him so much, so he can tell her anything, and says that she is also tensed for him. Naveen tells her that she is getting mad after her marriage with Angad has broken. He asks her to not taking out her frustration on him.

He ask her to get settled with another boy. Meera is about to slap him but he stops her and warns her to don’t she dare to slap him otherwise he will forget that she is his sister. Amrita goes to give turmeric milk to Sukhbeer and Santo. They looked upset. Amrita ask them what happened? Sukhbeer says that Kabir has done this mistake because of the pressure. He says that the fault is of the elders of this house. He ask Amrita that can he do the job in place of Karan which was offered by his hospital.

Amrita asks them to calm down. She says that she will handle everything. She asks them to drink milk and go to sleep without any tension. Amrita gets restless. She says that she has to do something because she can’t see her family living with the tension. She listens that Pritam is singing a happy birthday song in his room. Amrita wonders why he is so excited about the birthday of a child. Pritam is not able to sleep because he is very excited. He calls his friend Nitin and asks him to act like his son Rahul because he wants to practice talking to him before meeting him.

Pritam gets emotional while doing the acting. The next day Amrita goes to apply for the job in the hospital where Karan used to work. There a man tells her that he will definitely try to get her a job in the administration department because she has good qualifications. Amrita thanks him. Kabir is upset. Angad and Sonia go to talk to him. Kabir says that this time he has disappointed Amrita Guneet so much. Angad says it’s okay. Nimmo tells Angad that Amrita is not at home.

Angad calls Amrita and asks her where is she. She says she is on the way home and tells them everything once she reached home. Amrita sees Pritam talking to someone and he is very angry. Nitin is telling him that his ex-wife has also come to meet his son. He ask him how could this be possible because this time Mansoor has done all the legal work. Pritam goes to the child care home. Amrita goes behind him. Does she think what is he doing here? she sees him fighting with a woman.

Upcoming story- Amrita thinks with whom Pritam is fighting? Suddenly they disappeared from there. She tries to find him and then his ex-wife comes to Amrita.