Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 25 November 2021 written update – A groom for Amrita

At the beginning of the episode, Kuljit calls Guneet and tells him that the boy is about the come as he has left for their house. Guneet says okay. Kuljit says sorry to him for telling him this at the last moment. He says that he really wants Amrita to meet this guy. Guneet says it’s okay. He says that he just wants some time. He says that he also wants Amrita to settle again. Kuljit asks Guneet to handle everything. Guneet says that he is also her father so will take care of everything. Nimmo listens to everything.

She confronts Guneet and asks him why did kuljit send that guy. Guneet says that how long will they keep Amrita as a widow? She ask him how could kuljit take this decision on his own. He says that he is her father so he has every right to think about her. Guneet tells her that he and Sukhbeer promised Kuljit that they will try to settle Amrita after her delivery. She ask him did Amrita knows about this. He says no. She says that Amrita can settle again but she has to leave the Anshe here. Meanwhile, Amrita knocks on their door.

She asks Guneet is everything fine? She asks them are they fighting? Guneet says no. He says that Nimmo is just worried about his health. On the other hand, Pritam is trying to get to know the truth from miko. Monty and Nitin are beating him. Pritam says that he wants to know everything that from where did he bought these drugs and where did he sell these drugs? Sonia gives clothes and matching earrings to Amrita. She asks her to wear this. Amrita says why will she wear this. She asks her to get ready for Karan bhai.

Then Amrita gets ready. Kabir comes to her room and sees her. He tells her that she is looking extremely beautiful. He ask her did she got ready for that guest. Amrita gets upset and asks him why did she get ready for him? Kabir says sorry to her and asks her to get ready for her ranjha always. Then the doorbells rings and Kabir opens the gate. The guy named Yuvraj comes to meet them. Kabir welcomes him. Guneet introduces him to everyone. He asks Nimmo to come outside. Then he asks Sonia to bring Amrita.

Upcoming story- Santo asks Yuvraj whether he is married or not? He says that he is trying to find a perfect life partner. Then Pritam comes and Amrita started fighting with him because he bought ras malai and she didn’t like that. Then Pritam says that for her he bought rabdi Jalebi. Yuvraj says that he is feeling like they have both known each other for a long time.