Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 26 November 2021 written update – Amrita meets yuvraj

At the beginning of the episode, Amrita comes outside and greets Yuvraj. Yuvraj tells her that he never get a chance to meet her because he lived in Canada. He says that his parents were shifted there. He tells her that she is beautiful. Guneet ask him what does he do? He says that he has a buisness. Guneet ask him does he have his own business or he is running his father’s business. Yuvraj says that his father has a business of trucks and he is running his own business. Guneet thinks that this guy is nice and good for Amrita.


Santo ask him is he married or not. He says that his wife was passed away 4 years ago. She ask him why don’t he get married again. He says that he was affected then he got busy in his business. He says that now he is trying to find a girl for himself. He says that he is trying to move on. Amrita ask him did he forgot his wife. He says that he can’t but he has to live in present. He gives her an example that if our mother dies then also we have to live in our present because life never stops.


Nimmo ask him to give the stuff to Amrita for which he came here. On the other hand, Pritam is trying to get to know the truth from the man they caught. Pritam put gun his head. He threatens him. Then that man finally reveals his name that he is Sandeep Singh. amd he is the middle man. His work is to supply drugs and money only. Pritam ask him who is the head of all these things. He says that A man named ud is the head of supplying drugs in India.


He says that he lives in Delhi but no one is able to find him. Later, Yuvraj eats pakoras served by Sakhujas. He says that this time he will marry a Indian girl. After some time Pritam comes and says that he bought rasmalai for everyone. Amrita says that now one will eat. He tells Nimmo that today Pritam shouts at her in the phone and then cuts the call. She says that he bought rasmalai because she doesn’t like it. He says that he knows this but he bought rabdi Jalebi especially for her. Amrita says that she don’t want to eat. Yuvraj says that it looks like they both knows each other very well. Amrita says there’s nothing like that as he is only their tenant.


Upcoming story- Yuvraj and Pritam meets eachother. He says to Pritam that he is very Frank with Sakhujas. Pritam says that this family is like that. He tells her that Amrita is hard in outside but she is very soft hearted person.