Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana written update 29 July 2021 Nimmo loses her temper

At the beginning of the episode, Kabir goes to Amrita and convinces her to come with her to Dolly’s wedding. He says she is the only one who understands his pain and if she would be there then he will be able to cry on her shoulders. Amrita says stop doing drama as she is coming. Meera calls Angad and says that she really wants to come and meet everyone but she can’t come and says sorry to him. Angad says it’s ok. He says he his father has called her fat and he told that she has some virtual meeting that’s why she is not able to come.

So he understands this office work. When Amrita comes Nimmo gets happy. Kabir creates trouble in Dolly’s wedding. Chaddha tells Guneet to have control on his child. Then everyone goes back and enjoying tea there. Kabir says that he misses dolly so much and acts like he is crying, then he sees another girl from balcony and tells Amrita that, who’s that beautiful girl in the society. Amrita tells him that just 5 minutes ago he is crying for Dolly and now he wants someone else.

Amrita jokingly tells this to Nimmo. Nimmo started beating her with her slippers and by chance, she hit Sukhbeer with her slippers. She says sorry to him. Kabir tries to distract Nimmo and make her feel bad that she hits her father with a slipper. On this Nimmo gets angrier on Kabir. Amrita ask Angad to take Karan out. Then she tells Nimmo that it’s okay he is a child. Nimmo says that Karan used to say that Kabir is like him but he totally opposite to him. At the same te Mr. Rastogi comes and tells Guneet that his son is not well.

He ask him to help them as they have a link in the hospital because of Karan. Nimmo shouts at them and says that why should they help them because when Karan used to come there for few minutes he started shouting at him and now they their help. She says that Karan has done so much for them and never make them wait in hospitals but still they don’t behave well with him. He says sorry to her. Nimmo says that she don’t want their sorry, she wants her son back. Then Amrita asks Mr. Rastogi to go to the hospital and she will do whatever she can.

Amrita says that they already lost Karan and if they stop helping people then they will also lost the Karan which resides inside them. Nimmo and Santo are getting so emotional, then Sukhbeer says that he also misses Karan but I can’t see my family crying like this all the time. Amrita says that he is right. He suggested that they should go on a trip to change their mood. Then Amrita suggested that they should think about Meera and Angad’s wedding and get them married. She says that Meera can bring happiness in their lives and it is also the last wish of Karan.

Upcoming story- Angad says to Meera that after Karan, Angad is handling his family financially. Meera says that few days ago when she called at his office then at that time his receptionist told him that he doesn’t work here anymore. Angad’s family goes to Meera’s house to talk about her wedding with Angad but Krishankant refuses.