It’s challenging to do photoshoots outdoors: Anupama Solanki

Dangal TV’s hit show Bindiya Sarkar’s actress Anupama Solanki recently got a new outdoor photoshoot done and is excited to share her looks with her fans. However, she confessed that doing a photoshoot outdoors can be difficult.

“This is the first time I did a photoshoot outdoors and it’s challenging. Apart from that uniqueness of this photoshoot is high fashion. I feel I have a very good sense of fashion and that the biggest thing in this photoshoot is I chose my dresses. I didn’t hire any stylist and selected my dresses on my own,” she said.

The young actress feels that it’s very important to do photoshoots from time to time because of the competition in the industry. “These days the competition is very high and you have to compete with a lot of actors. Now it has gone to the next level because now we have to compete not only with actors but also with influencers and content creators. So it’s necessary to keep updating yourself. Apart from that, I feel it’s necessary to do photoshoots from time to time because the human body changes and in our current age changes come drastically so that is also a reason to do photoshoots,” she said.

On being asked about the response she says, “I am getting fabulous response for the role. Fans are messaging on my instagram daily. I am delighted to work on Dangal TV show.
Anupama feels the competition and the pressure to look good is fine or else a person will end up limiting themselves. “Pressure is required for anyone else he/she will never grow in life. If you don’t have competition then why work in life? Sometimes it’s good to be under pressure and if you take it positively then you will shine like anything. So as an actor I enjoy the pressure because it has helped me grow in my life and it has given me the motivation to do something as an artist,” she concluded.