Harshali Zine decodes her latest photoshoot: When you’re healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually, you shine inside-out, look radiant and confident

Harshali Zine has got a new photoshoot done. The actor looks leaner and radiant in the photos, and it seems like she has lost weight.

“I’ve not lost a lot of weight. My weight has always been between 45kgs to 47kgs. I look leaner than before because I’ve lost a lot of unwanted fat and have gained muscle mass. I look toned and athletic. I have not lost a lot of weight but have had dramatic inch loss, and hence it looks like I have lost weight,” says the actor known for TV shows, CID, Diya Aur Baati Hum, web series, BOSS: Baap of Special Services, and Marathi film, Paach Naar Ek Bezaar, among others.When asked if he had anything particular in mind while deciding looks for the photoshoot. “Not really, it was very instinctive. It’s always been like that. My photo shoots are authentic, original, and created by me for myself,” she replies.

They say pictures speak a thousand words. Agreeing, Harshali adds, “Sometimes you fail to comprehend a thousand words spoken verbally by a person but a silent picture conveys the message effortlessly.  They say you can’t lie in front of a camera.  I believe that the camera captures the whole being including the soul which got proven a few years ago when I had posted a very stylish photo, wearing a new outfit, with a beautiful hairdo and makeup, etc on Facebook and I immediately got a call from my friend Karishma who lives in Dubai, asking if I was okay because looking at my picture she felt I was not, as she saw sadness in my eyes. That’s the power of a picture.”

It is said that looking good is important for actors. “When you’re healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually, you shine inside-out, look radiant and confident. And that applies to anybody and everybody regardless of the kind of profession one is in. Everybody should focus on the wellness of mind, body and soul, and I bet you’ll appear beautiful to everyone effortlessly. Outer beauty, good looks, etc are relative. Actors could modify their look with the help of makeup etc,” she explains.

Who according to you is the most good-looking actor and why? “To me, looks doesn’t matter at all, it’s the vibe that does. If I don’t get good vibes from someone I don’t care how they look or how big a star that person is, I’ll politely excuse myself and leave that field. Also, I don’t get inspired by the good looks of actors. It is how well and authentically they play their parts on-screen that inspires me,” she shares.