The next two days of Woh Toh Hai Albelaa are rife with action!

Chaman Bahar lives in disguise as the chieftain of the village and when the villagers bring Kanha-Sayuri to her, and after Kanha persuades her and pleads, she lets Kanha-Sayuri go. Chaman and Tingu are dancing with joy that they have fooled Kanha-Sayuri when they are attacked by some goons. Chaman runs away and bumps into the car of Kanha-Sayuri, who are returning and requests them to save her.

Chaman Bahar panics and Sayuri tries to pacify her but Kanha is unable to trust Chaman Bahar. Meanwhile, goons reach there and try to take her away but Kanha fights them and doesn’t let them take her. Amid the brawl, they hear police sirens and stop the ruckus. However, Kanha-Sayuri does not see Chaman Bahar anywhere. Kanha and Sayuri go on with their journey, they wonder where the girl has suddenly disappeared. As soon as Kanha reaches home, he sees Indrani and Bhanu leaving the house and Kanha comes to drop them outside. Kanha-Sayuri hears some sound from the car’s trunk and when they open it, there see Chaman inside and everyone is shocked!