Woh Toh Hai Albela 16th March 2023 Written Update

Woh Toh Hai Albela 16th March 2023 Written Update, Police coming there and they all escape. Sayuri and Kanha are relieved. They both find Chaman missing and Sayuri gets worried. Kanha urges Sayuri to leave as the place is not safe. At home, Saroj is worried about Rashmi who went to meet Rashmi in jail. Dhanraj asks her not to panic and Nakul is sensible enough to know what he’s doing. Saroj says that their kids lost their senses the moment they married the two sisters. She accuses the sisters for ruining their lines. She says that Kanha became mad in Sayuri’s love for the past one year. Dhanraj says that now they are happy with the kids. Saroj asks which kid he’s talking about. She says that Kuku is the blood of evil Vikranth while they know nothing about the other one. She continues spewing hatred when Dadi Mausi shouts at her to stop. Saroj still hasn’t listened and continues badmouthing the Sharma sisters. Indu who’s listening to their conversation couldn’t take it anymore and shouts at her to stop shocking everyone.

Indu confronts Saroj for the hatred in her mind. She continues accusing her kids for ruining the peace in her life. She says that her one daughter lived with another man for one year. The other one whom they gave so much love and respect has betrayed everyone including their own sister. She continued blaming the Sharmas for ruining their lives. Indu shouts at her to stop as she too faces lots of humiliation in the House. She says that they are there because Kanha insisted on staying with them but they never stayed for free. She says that they worked hard to take care of the kids. Saroj asks her to leave the house and Indu says that she would keep the things ready and will leave once Kanha and Sayuri come there. Chaman’s man finds her belongings on the road and wonders where Chaman is. On the other hand, Dadi and Indu packs their stuff whining about Saroj’s behaviour.

Dadi Mausi scolds Saroj for trying to say about the result in front of all. Saroj apologizes to her as the world escapes her mouth. Saroj asks about the result and Dadi says it’s getting delayed. She assures to wait for the results. Later, Kanha and Sayuri come back home to find Indu and Dadi with their luggages. He asks what’s the matter and they say that they are going to a relative’s place and will visit the temple there. They also make it clear that they don’t come back. Sayuri and Kanha tere shocked and tries to stop them but they convince them. They finally agrees and before leaving Indu warns Saroj. Sayuri and Kanha finds Chaman hiding behind the car and asks about it. She acts to be scared and pleads to let her stay there for few days. Sayuri and Kanha agree with hesitation.

Precap: Kanha will say Sayuri that he’s relieved that they are together now and wishes for it to never end . Sayuri comes to the kitchen while Chaman is testing peacefully in bed.