Actor Manuj Nagpal to play the negative lead in Prateek Sharma’s next, Rabb Se Hai Dua

Manuj Nagpal will be seen in the negative lead in Prateek Sharma’s next production Rabb Se Hai Dua. He plays Iqbal in the show that goes on air soon. The actor also praises the title.

“First thing that came into my mind when I heard the title is that it is beautiful, spiritual and connected to the almighty. I also loved the concept of the show,” says Manuj, who is happy with his character and shares that he is enjoying playing the part.

“I was super excited and my eagerness increased day by day as we started shooting. I am learning something new every time and that’s again a fulfilling experience,” he adds.

Urdu is a very beautiful language. Agreeing that the language is classy and rich, the actor says, “Urdu is a very different, rich and sweet language and for me it’s never been difficult as I always enjoy speaking and listening to it. For actor’s practicing Urdu is good for diction as it clears your alfaaz and lehza.”

Manuj has good things to say about Prateek and his Studio LSD. “I am glad to be working with LSD, and Prateek Sharma. It’s a beautiful team, lovely people, amazing star cast, all are very supportive,” he says.

The actor is inspired by Amitabh Bachchan. “I am always a big fan of Amitabh Bachchan sir. He is someone I look up to and respect,” he adds. The TV industry has evolved over the years. There have been many changes that the actor too has noticed.

“Every industry evolves in four to five years, the same has happened for TV. Now the competition is too high, so many creative people are there who are bringing many new ideas to the table, new creative minds putting everything in every single shot, I am enjoying working in TV now,” he says.

Daily soap means a lot of hard work and patience. Agreeing, Manuj adds that actors need to hold themselves tight and keep on working to achieve success.

So do you think alternate careers are important as there’s a lot of competition in showbiz these days? “Yes very much important as one should never depend on a single income. Covid has taught us a lot. We must all be prepared for rainy days,” he signs off.