Aditi Sharma: Producer Prateek Sharma is such a genuine person!

Be it the long hours or the no-prep time, TV actors have always had tough schedules and a busy life. However, actress Aditi Sharma says that TV actors are often looked down upon. Aditi, who plays the role of Dua in Rab Se Hai Dua, talks about her life as a TV actress, her new show and what she wants to do in the future.

1. What do you think of when you hear the title “Rab se hai Dua”?
Every time something happens, I just say ‘Haye Rabba’. It has become a normal term for me. I am a Punjabi and I relate to the word Rab a lot! For me, Dua is a very sweet name. We often say that, ‘Rab se hai dua ki aap hamesha khush rahe’. It’s a very pleasing and beautiful title.

2. What are your character details? How much do you relate to your character?
My character is that of a very sweet, innocent and naive woman. Dua loves her husband (Haider) and, in the show, she considers Haider’s family as her own and loves them a lot as well. It is believed that there is a mystic power in Dua and since the time she has come in Haider’s life, his work is going great. She is a positive and sophisticated kind of woman. She believes in rituals and is a beautiful protagonist. I can relate to her, being positive and being there for the family. I am a talkative person but my character isn’t so. On the other hand, if someone is wrong, I just tell them on their face, Dua is gentler. This is the thing I love about acting that I get to play so many diverse characters and I am really enjoying it

3. What was your reaction when you heard the story and offered the role?
Getting on board with this show was a very beautiful incident in my life. I was planning to do another show and then I got a call from Studio LSD and they offered me the role. The promo shoot was starting the next day, and I was like, why not! I didn’t have time for anything much. Our director Ranjit sir explained the scenes so well. Prateek, himself, has been a writer and he explained this character and storyline to me. I liked it a lot because of the topic it addresses. In Quran Karim, it’s said that marrying for the second time is allowed but only under specific circumstances, it is important to know these. There are a lot of rules and regulations that are there. I thought that it is a very strong topic. My last show Jadu Hai Jin Ka was also a show with a Muslim backdrop, but it wasn’t so religion-based. This show is very special and we are trying to be cautious and do our best.

4. The Urdu language is very different and rich. So how easy and difficult it was to get the lingo right?
I am still working it out. Being from Delhi, I have those Delhi slang terms and dialects which come to me very naturally. I need to improve and work hard on my dialogue. Words like Zakat, Nazla are so beautiful. I am trying my best. Urdu is a beautiful language.

5. The TV industry has evolved. What are the changes you have noticed?
I have seen that there are very different topics covered now on TV. I don’t watch much TV, but I am aware of what is being made. In general, through TV we can target a larger audience and give them the knowledge that creates a good impact. Topics like talak, second marriage, and extramarital affairs are very impactful. This show is going to be amazing and really impactful. People are going to love it and will enjoy the chemistry between Dua and Haider. The director and writers are working so hard on the characters. Zaheer Shaikh is writing the dialogues and he is doing a great job. Everyone is there for us and doing a great job. I am having fun

6. How’s it working with Producer Prateek Sharma and studio LSD?

It’s amazing and wonderful. I am sure that soon, we will get an award as this show and production house deserves it all. They are such warm people and Prateek is so sweet and kind. I don’t have words to express. He is vocal about how he likes the scenes and how one should do it. He is such a genuine person. The whole cast and crew are very sweet. I am really having fun here.

7. Who is your inspiration in terms of acting and why?
I have always been struck by the life story of Shah Rukh Khan. I find him amazing. I love his wit and smartness and his aura. He is the king for a reason and now I know that. He is a big inspiration right now in my life. Despite being at such a powerful and big platform, he is still so grounded and humble. He is so smart and intelligent.

8. Daily soap means a lot of hardwork and patience. What is your viewpoint?
Definitely, you require a lot of hard work and people don’t see it a lot of times. Sometimes they see you as a lesser artist. But if you are a web actor or film actor, you get so much time for preparation as you get the script months before. We shoot every day with a new script. There are shows which have great TRP and are doing so well. It is just about how people look at you. I have done a film and web series too and that’s why I know how tough it is to act in a TV show. I respect TV artists.

9. Do you think alternate careers are important as there’s a lot of competition?
Healthy competition is always necessary to help you grow, make yourself realise where you stand in life and how hard you have to work. It’s not about having an alternative career but an alternate viewpoint where you have to think about a stable source of income. I would like to have an alternate source of income as well. If I want to take a break then I should have a steady income even if I am not working.