The atrocities of the Year 2020 are coming in front in various ways from the day the year started. We are just half of the way to let go of this year and it already took away so much from us. The latest one is the demise of talented ITV and Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. While penning down the story as a journalist I have to keep my mind sane and pay attention to form a write up covering all the policies and technicalities.

However, when you indulge yourself in forming words to speak about a young, talented and full of life person, decided to leave for the world of unknown at the age of 34 one fine day, trust me it is just tough, very very tough. Sushant, who belongs from the city of Patna made a fairytale real through his hard work and passion. Starting with ITV, he made his appearance to a 90mm screen and not just he appeared but he left his footprints there to remain untouched forever. Taught to be one of the brightest future of bollywood industry, is reportedly suffering from depression and has no one to get help from. It’s strange how a bright,potential talent is made to deal with depression and ignorance effortlessly.

Well, time and again Sushant did express his disappointments and feeling “left-over” from the entire bollywood industry. Maybe due to the old school training it is amusing to get any logic why a talent is being made to feel like an useless when people are auditioning and looking only for talent only for the field. The news of the actor committed suicide at his house in Bandra with no suicide note left the entire TV and film industry stunned. His father who is just too shocked after losing his dear son broke down in his native house in Patna. However, his well wishers, fans and friends are still not able to digest that he left, like that.

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