Anupama 16th April 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Anuj and Anupama arrive at the inn. Anuj gets some information about Aarush’s room no. The assistant/Administrator tells that he can’t tell the room no, because of inn Strategy. Anupama takes steps to make a lawful move against him in the event that anything happens to her girl. Aarush attempts to draw nearer to Pakhi, when Anupama comes there and beats Aarush and makes him tumble down. Pakhi requests that she beat him and says he has done awful with me. Anupama slaps her, and says even you have done the misstep. She says I let you know ordinarily that this person isn’t correct. She says your Daddy, Toshu and Baa attempted to make you comprehend, yet you didn’t have any idea. Aarush attempts to run, when Anuj comes there and holds his neck and says you are shame to our general public, I will end your life. Supervisor comes there and says you can’t meddle in the visitor’s protection. Anuj requests that he shut up and says your visitor attempted to pester our girl. Aarush takes the wine jug to go after Anuj. Anuj attempts to stop him and Aarush raises a ruckus around town bottle on his hand and takes off. Anupama inquires as to whether he is fine. Anuj inquires as to whether she is fine and afterward inquires as to whether she is fine. He says I will go behind the fellow and requests that she bring Pakhi back home. Anupama says we will see him later, yet at the present time see yourself. The Supervisor says he will call the police.

Shruti and Aadhya come to a similar inn. Anuj requests that Pakhi give her assertion to Police. Anupama gets some information about the injury. Anuj says no twisted is agonizing than the 5 year old agony. Anupama requests that he show his hand. She takes a gander at his physical issue and says it is a major physical issue and you are saying it isn’t anything. Anuj says it is only a scratch. She blows on the injury and wipes it with her pallu. Aadhya and Shruti are watching them. He gives his cloth. She ties it on his physical issue. Tune plays… .Aadhya is disturbed. Anupama says we will go to specialist. Anuj says injury isn’t profound. Chief comes and says cops are here. Anuj, Anupama and Pakhi see Shruti and Aadhya there.

Vanraj comes there and attempts to slapPakhi, however everybody stops him. Vanraj says don’t know whom to beat, Pakhi or him. He says I was in the gathering and that is the reason didn’t pick the call. He says in the event that Anupama haven’t picked the call then what might have occur. Others additionally inquire as to for what reason did she go? Pakhi says terrible thing have occurred with me. Anupama asks who has taken you there, you went yourself. She asks her what might have occur in the event that your mom haven’t come, whom you revile a great deal. Pakhi requests that she stop it and tells that she has gone through a great deal of issues. Anupama says you used to atleast fear Daddy, however presently you don’t regard him as well. She asks who requested that you separate from Adhik? Pakhi says she is a single parent and a money manager. Anupama says assuming you have taken your little girl to make her rest or conversed with her pleasantly. She gets out whatever business, as your Dad covers every one of the bills. Vanraj says your Mummy is correct and lets that they know all will break their connection with her. Anupama additionally announces that in the event that she doesn’t retouch her ways then she will quit being her mom and will end her connection with her.

She requests that Vanraj go to PS and register the case. She requests that he call Anuj there. Vanraj asks from where he came now. He says Anuj is a futile person, to show up anyplace. Anupama says you both are in every case together even after separate, and Anuj is improper to wander with her however he has life partner, and you are more bold as you exploit your chief. She requests that Baa get Pakhi and Vanraj kundali checked, and tells that they are same to same. Vanraj lets Pakhi know that they are returning to India and she will do nothing.

Anuj explains to Shruti and Aadhya, that he needs to meddle to save Pakhi’s regard. Shruti asks did I ask you anything? Anuj says I have seen outrage in your eyes, you both went furiously from that point. Shruti requests that he get his hand swathed and goes.

Anupama thinks at whatever point they are together, they get injured. Baa comes to Anupama and tells your concerns expanded as we came, however we will before long leave. She says she remembered to do Smash Navami puja together, yet presently. Anupama says Baa, you say anything. Baa tells that you are angry with Vanraj, Pakhi and Toshu, however come for us. Anupama feels terrible for herself. Baa inquires as to whether Aarush is gotten. Anupama says not yet. Baa says when we do puja then all will be great.

Anuj is perched on the couch. Aadhya comes there and yells at him, getting some information about Anupama , as 2 days left for marriage. Anuj says I have helped you to consider the cutoff points and habits prior to conversing with him. Shruti comes there and inquires as to whether her apprehensive. Anuj says you both ask over and over and will make me apprehensive. He requests that she give him at some point.

Anupama, Babu ji and others come for Slam Nawami. Beeji comes there. Baa says you came here too. Anuj comes for the celebration and checks Anupama out.

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