Anupama 19th February 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Anupama inquires as to whether she needs to understand what she used to do with the goal that Anuj loves her like her. She says you need to change like into adoration and believes should do extra so he cherishes you. She says I can’t guide you, yet can let you know what not to do. She asks her not to become Anupama and tells that she was running behind relations, and had neglected herself. She asks her not to neglected herself for anyone. She says individuals’ assumptions increments with your hardwork. She tells that she had accomplished such a great deal for everybody, except no one recollected her doings, however what they recalled is what she was unable to do. She says Anuj is great and tells that he will keep you blissful.

Dimpy cries coming to the kitchen reviewing Pakhi’s words. Pakhi says she won’t lose Tapish to Dimpy and will get him. She will satisfy everything she could ever hope for. Dimpy sees Tapish’s message and answers to him. He is stunned. Shruti tells that she would have rather not harmed her, and says in the event that you got injured with my words, I’m grieved. Anupama says I can comprehend. Shruti says I got a companion after numerous days. Anupama says I’m your companion even now and asks her to leave life’s inquiry paper for time. She says we feel that we are correct, yet we are off-base. She says it is matter of for what seems like forever, think and choose. She embraces her and afterward says sorry. She requests that she fare thee well. Shruti says you also fare thee well. Yashdeep and Vikram check out at them from inside. Shruti leaves.

Titu comes to Dimpy and asks what occurred, why she called him direly. She says Pakhi… Yashdeep values Anupama for the flavors, and asks how you make masala for tea. Anupama expresses out loud anything you are attempting to do, I can’t do, I can’t grin or snicker, I can’t encourage. She says I’m not getting masala smell likewise and I will be fine with time. He offers to pack the masala. She says such companions will be there.

Tapish asks Dimpy, on the off chance that she heard what she said and asks her not to drive him to say something. He says she has harmed him. He is going to go. Dimpy gives him vow to stop her. Vanraj returns home irate and tells that he could do without Tapish and presently he needs to see him. He inquires as to whether he said something. Kavya says no, the children had an outrageous battle. Vanraj goes. Pakhi remembers to let him know everything that Tapish said. Kavya pretends leg sprain to stop Pakhi. Vanraj takes her to room.

Anuj inquires as to whether she went to meet Anu, however why? Shruti inquires as to why you went to meet her, to know responds to for your inquiries, even I needed to know something similar.

Yashdeep asks Anupama, how is the tea? Anupama says it is great. She expresses gratitude toward him for dealing with her when she was unwell, when she really wanted a companion, he was there. He likewise expresses gratitude toward her for turning into a little girl for his mom, and says thanks to her for coming in his life and afterward says for coming in flavor and chutney.

Shruti tells that she needed to meet her, there was a tempest in her, she was curious as to whether Anupama loves him till now. Anuj says I know this answer well overall, and inquires as to whether she found her solutions. She gestures yes. Anuj says as much… Shruti says lets dropped this marriage and says love and marriage occurs between two hearts, yet there is two individuals, yet not two hearts as his heart is with Anupama. Anuj says I had drawn in to you for Aadhya and will wed too for her. Shruti says marriage occurs because of no powerlessness and tells that she had called her folks and concocted a rationalization that because of work responsibility, their marriage is deferred. She says she will drop the marriage later. Anuj says you met Anu and took the critical choice. Shruti says she has chosen not to remain here. Yashdeep gives cash to Anupama in the envelope and says it is your well deserved cash.

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