Anupama 24th May 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Anuj saves the cake for Aadhya. Aadhya’s companions like it. Shruti asks Anuj from where did he get the cake brief time frame. Anuj says it is an enchantment. He thinks not to let them know now and figures this way Anu will be essential for the birthday festivity. He remembers to settle on a video decision to Anupama and supposes in the event that she will pick the call. He says he will make the video. Shruti requests that he take video in her telephone as well. Anupama accepts Anuj’s voice message illuminating her that the setting is changed, and that Aadhya enjoyed the cake so a lot, and he will call her when the cake will be cut. Anupama thinks why party is moved to café and trusts Choti is fine. She supposes in the event that Choti is vexed as I had enlivened the house. She sees the video and supposes in the event that Choti is cheerful, all is well. Vikram presents the dish and shows to Anupama. Anupama says awesome.

She gets a call and remembers to go to the call until Ms. Smith taste the snacks.She lets Rahul know that she will do the last touch, so she will just take this out. Rahul says alright. Anupama gets close to home to see Aadhya cutting the cake made by her. Aadhya slices the cake and comes to Anuj to cause him to eat cake. Anupama petitions God for Aadhya’s joy. She causes Anuj to have it first. Anuj wishes her blissful birthday. She embraces him and goes to take care of cake to Shruti. Toshu comes to Rahul and Vikram and inquires as to whether Ms. Smith’s dish is prepared. He offers to serve. Vikram says Anupama will do. Toshu says she is ready to come in case of an emergency and will take time. Rahul says she said that she will see and afterward just the biryani will be served. Toshu says on the off chance that it cools then we can’t warm it. Rahul requests that he comprehend. Toshu takes the dish effectively with insidious goals. Anupama attempts to stop him, yet at the same to no end.

Toshu comes to Ms. Smith and presents Anupama’s well known dish undhiyu biryani. Anupama asks who requested that he serve. Rahul says Toshi took it effectively. He serves biryani to Ms. Smith. They get stunned. Vikram gets some information about the dish. Anupama goes there. Anuj thinks something is off-base and remembers to go to zest and chutney, and gets the inclination as though something occurred. Anupama says this is my particular dish. Ms. Smith asks what in blazes is this? Anupama tracks down cockroaches in it. She inquires as to whether this is undhiyu biryani or cockroach biryani. Every one of the clients come there and starts provoking Anupama inquiring as to whether they need to kill them. Ms. Smith says this is what you serve to the clients, this is the way you set up the dish being the genius champ. She says such a major name and zero cleanliness, and says I would have land in the ICU. Ms.Smith requests that everybody have themselves looked at. Anupama is stunned. Ms. Smith lets Anupama know that she is phony, she boasted about parenthood, clients, serving food with adoration, regarding individuals, however you are a veneer. She says she will sue her and her eatery. The clients take the video and requests that she bring her prize back home, and eat the cockroach biryani. He says they will boycott the café. Ms. Smith says Anupama joshi, you are done. She tosses the plate at the prize and it breaks. The client inquires as to whether they are causing them to eat poison for the sake of food. Anupama says I’m sorry Maam, I have cleaned all the edge of the kitchen, I dont realize how could it come? Ms. Smith asks then who knows, you didn’t even try to glimpse inside the dish before it is served. Yashdeep thinks Ms. Smith probably given us American star at this point. Beeji goes to God.

Baa asks babu ji, why he is concerned? Babu ji says he was considering Anupama, as food pundit has come to her eatery. Baa inquires as to whether Anupama will come subsequent to getting American star. Babu ji says originally let her take it. Aadhya requests that Anuj present photograph with them. The video gets viral and the visitors at Aadhya’s birthday talk that the cockroach was tracked down in the food by Ms. Smith in flavor and chutney eatery and presently Ms. Smith won’t leave her. Aadhya hears and requests that Anuj present for photograph, however he runs out. Aadhya yells.

Anuj comes to Anupama and holds her as she blacks out. He says you didnt do this, so stand firm for yourself. Aadhya tells Shruti that Anupama has done this intentionally so that pops hurries to her. She says we need to remove her from her home. Anuj asks Ms. Smith and her accomplice to permit him to talk, and tells that he knows every one of them and they are extremely expert and says Anupama lives for her work. He says she could never have won whiz cook assuming she was this way. He says this café is extremely renowned Indian eatery and they focus completely on tidiness and cleanliness. He says Anupama implores and does puja of the oven and utensils before she begins cooking. He says for what reason will they make it happen, simply think once. He says it is a running eatery, why anybody will do this to get it shut. Vikram and Rahul request that she really take a look at the kitchen. Ms. Smith says I really want to genuinely report. Toshu says your feasts will be free and we will determine this issue. Anupama requests that he be quiet. Ms. Smith inquires as to whether you are attempting to pay off me. Anupama requests that she give her opportunity to find out, how it worked out and says let me track down the injustice. She says I have prepared the food for my entire life and never at any point a hair came in the food, then how could cockroaches come in your food. Anuj says Anupama needs to figure out who is the culprit behind this.

Vanraj asks Baa and babu ji, why they couldnt get rest until Anupama’s call comes. He requests that they have mangoes, and thinks mangoes is more better, as Titu’s severe past unfurls. He thinks Anupama was off-base about Titu. Aadhya considers Anuj and lets Shruti know that he isn’t picking the call. She says they will go there, and afterward she reviles Anupama and says somebody will grab her bliss from her. Ms. smith says might be you are correct, yet this café was locked, you could have rushed to open it to cover the misfortunes and fundamentals hygience standard isn’t adhered to and this shouldn’t have occurred. She says she needs to raise this issue to food and cleanliness specialists. They go. Anuj asks Anupama not to stress. Anupama considers yashdeep. The clients yell and insult at her, prior to leaving. She plunks down in shock.

Precap: Anupama expresses out loud whatever occurred with her has occurred, yet being a mother she needs to go to Titu and Dimpy’s marriage. She requests that Kanha ji handle everything. Baa calls her and says we will deal with everything here. Vanraj says you have demolished our name too alongside yours, don’t come here.

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