Anupama 25th November 2023 Written Update – Star

Anupama requesting that Dimpy beat them, and show them such something new so they see at no lady with terrible sight. The thugs attempt to take off, however individuals out and about prevent them from running and requests that Dimpy beat them. Anupama sees individuals making recordings and says now you recordings will be viral. Anuj inquires as to whether they read the previous paper. Barkha says who read yesterday’s newpaper. Anuj says that is the reason you hold the previous things. He says I have brought Baa here as she is unwell. Malti Devi inquires as to whether I will fail to remember everything that Leela had said to her. Anuj says he is attempting to fail to remember how Malti Devi has managed him. Malti Devi asks didn’t you hear what she said? Anuj says I heard eating table insults and the insults which you did here. He requests that they stay pleasantly, and says when children can see why can’t you. He requests that Baa come and takes her from that point.

Anupama and Dimpy emerge subsequent to documenting Police objection. She says the hooligans have admitted to the wrongdoing, presently the digital Police will get the video eliminated. Dimpy expresses gratitude toward her for help and asks do you trust me? Anupama asks do you trust yourself then for what good reason you are asking, will request that I trust you. She says they don’t require character authentication from individuals and says assuming you figure what others will think, that what they will think. She requests that she express sorry to Tapish and requests that he come to the dance institute.

Tapish is sitting at tea slow down and tells that his sense of pride and picture is vital for him, yet he failed to remember that and was helping her. He reviews Dimpy’s scoldings. Anupama converses with Anuj and says she has emerged to purchase vegetables. She sees a plane a paper plane and picks it. She finds America’s handout and thinks how she was blissful when she was going to America. She thinks why this fantasy is coming infront of me once more, which I left two times.

Anuj requests that Baa leave outrage. Babu ji asks Baa not to fly off the handle. Baa says she simply needs to go to their home, and tells that Dimpy and Kavya are distant from everyone else at home. Anuj jokes and makes Baa grins. He is sorry for Barkha and Malti Devi’s sake and tells that we express such things which we will not say. Babu ji says even Leela does likewise. Anuj says in some cases botch in all actuality do occur and says they shouldn’t have told. He says when masala is there in sabzi then it becomes zesty. He says life will have some zest. He tells that he will attempt that no one lets them know anything wrong, and says I can take my assurance, yet not others, but rather can attempt. He requests that they chill.

Alpa welcomes Anupama. Anupama asks how is she and says you are appearing to be unique? Alpa says she had gone to America, to her little girl Jigyisha. She says after her better half’s end, my little girl didn’t lose mental fortitude and began selling achaar and theplas and presently she has business there. Anupama says you should be glad for her. She requests that she visit her little girl when she goes there. Anupama says I was unable to go there two times and says now she would rather not leave Ahmedabad. The woman says when your food is composed there, you will be called. Anupama chuckles. Alpa goes. Anupama tosses the flyer.

Romil and Choti are playing cricket, when the ball hit Pakhi’s cake and a portion of the cake smear all the rage. Romil and Choti giggle. Pakhi goes close to them and smears cake all over. He says my nose. Romil says you did this deliberately. Choti inquires as to for what reason did you hurt Romil? Pakhi requests that she be calm and lifts hand on her, yet Anupama yells and Pakhi stops. Anupama asks how horrendously awful of you? Pakhi says she is distraught now, and asks her not to piss her more, else she won’t regard anything. She goes. Anupama says Pakhi had gone frantic and embraces Choti and expresses sorry to Romil. Romil says its alright.

Tapish sees Dimpy sitting close to him. She says I came to say sorry. Tapish says who says sorry like this. Dimpy says that young lady says who is in torment and can’t battle with individuals, and that is the reason battled with a companion. She requests that he come to the dance institute and not to leave it. He says he won’t leave, and says he comprehends that her aggravation is more than him. He requests that she grin and instructor her blissful dance, and requests that she dance as well. Dimpy giggles. Anuj tells Anupama that Mr. martin has sent present, might be for Christmas, and welcomed them to come there. He inquires as to whether she needs to visit there in winter, and requests that she say. He gets Martin’s call.

Later Anuj and Choti are blissful and cheering. Anuj says Choti got great imprints in all subjects. Malti Devi is stunned and gets some information about natural examinations. Choti says she got full stamps in that. Malti Devi says Anupama doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Anupama says she used to peruse in night and show her in the day time. Choti says my Mummy is awesome. Ankush says it is honorable. Anuj requests that Anupama sign on the report card, as she got great imprints in view of her.

Pakhi comes there and hurls really take a look at down. She requests that she sign. Anupama says 10 lakhs Rs check. Pakhi says OK. Everybody is stunned.

Precap: Babu ji lets Baa know that he has not failed to remember anything and afterward understands that he has neglected to turn off gas. Anupama calls Kavya and asks her not to return home. Kavya says I can’t hear you and will call you subsequent to arriving at home. Anupama runs from home to save her.

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