Anupama 25th September 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

Dimpy gets tipsy and is going to black out, Kinjal inquires as to whether she is fine. Dimpy says OK. She asks until when Malti Devi will remain here. Kinjal says don’t have any idea. Anupama expresses sorry to Anuj for scratching his injuries instead of filling it and says she will make everything fine. Babu ji and Kinjal come to Malti Devi. Babu ji asks how are you? Kinjal requests that she have tea. Malti Devi gestures her head. Kavya requests that she let them know if she wants anything. Malti Devi says you are dealing with me, however I’m not connected with you. babu ji tells her that Anuj’s displeasure is right on the money. Malti Devi says I realize my child is basically on the right track, yet I’m Kumata. Kinjal requests that she have persistence. Babu ji requests that she have strength and leave everything on God. Baa hears them and blows up. Kavya goes to Baa and inquires as to why you are furious early morning. Baa says all of you are taking care of Malti Devi and your babu ji is thoughtful for her. Kavya requests that she have feel sorry for on her, seeing her condition. She says when somebody botches then the responsibility increments and not reduces. Baa says I will cause her to have tea.

She goes to Malti devi and asks when she is leaving, and requests that she have tea and breakfast. She says let me know where you are going, so I can get tickets for you. Malti Devi apologizes and says I will go very soon. Baa asks when? babu ji says remember that she is our visitor. Baa says she is a difficulty and says I let her come inside as she is connected with Anupama, else I could not have possibly allowed you to come here. She reminds him anything that Malti Devi has done to obliterate Anupama utilizing Samar and Dimpy. She tells Malti Devi on the off chance that was on your place, I would have kicked the bucket with disgrace, seeing child’s disdain for me. She says I would have bounced in then well or would have lied infront of rail lines and called Rail line Priest to send a few 2-3 trains, however you are large bold, and requests that she leave, and says whoever couldn’t happen to her child, can’t turn into our own.

Pakhi comes to Anupama and tells her that Adhik is evolving. Anupama says I need to trust your trust. Pakhi advises her that they need to design child so their connection gets more grounded. Anupama says we don’t think prior to having child, as it is programmed. She requests that she believe in the event that the two of them are prepared, and tells that child isn’t concrete and don’t feel that it will fortify your connection. She asks her not to trouble the kid and requests that she become great a couple first, prior to becoming guardians. She says any lady will need to become nani, however you will choose and go for it. She says it is child, a major liability and says when you both feel that you are prepared, then just you will consider getting child this world. Pakhi says she feels prepared for the child. Adhik calls her and she goes.

Baa calls Anupama and requests that she come there right itself. Choti Anu gives painting to Anuj. Anuj says no one but you can grasp my aggravation.

Babu ji asks Baa for what good reason did she call Anupama. Baa says whoever gave inconvenience. I called. Babu ji says Malti devi had done error, and we will have sympathy on her. He says in this age, individuals atones and does compensation. Baa asks what retribution and says Malti Devi never said that she misses her child, and when she saw him, she began crying. Babu ji says everybody does misstep and says even you had tossed me out of the house. Baa says you are contrasting me and her. babu ji says on the off chance that I had fouled up with Anuj, you had not amiss with Anupama. Baa says I’m her saas. Babu ji says I will ask Anupama not to come until she tracks down place for her visit.

Anupama and Anuj are in the vehicle. Anupama says Baa asked me not to come, so I got the ideal opportunity for Ganapati puja. She says you will make icon, however we will get the stuff. He says I enquired 2-3 spots for Malti Devi and I have paid advance. Anupama is stunned.

Kavya says don’t have the foggiest idea how to deal with Malti Devi, as she is crying a ton. Kinjal says no one but Mummy can deal with her. Dimpy is going to black out and tumble down once more, however Kinjal holds her. Dimpy says she didn’t have food, and might be that is the reason she is feeling lightheaded. Kavya says my stomach never feels full. Kinjal says that is on the grounds that you are pregnant. Kavya tells that some smell are horrendous. Kinjal says OK, pregnancy is troublesome however unique. Kavya asks what could be more extraordinary than child. Kinjal says even child brings forth a mother.

Anuj lets Anupama know that he could do without that she sent Malti Devi to Shah house. Anupama says how might I toss her out in night, and asks where she would go. Anuj says it is her concern. Anupama asks what I would have done, hearing your condition and Malti Devi demand. Anuj says he would rather not read the part over and over. He says tomorrow is Ganesh Chaturthi and it is significant for me, as you had come to my home for first time. He expresses similarly as Bappa goes, Malti Devi needs to leave as well. Anupama requests that Bappa do some wonder.

Precap: During Ganapati festivity, Samar is going to fall on the diya stand, however Anupama holds her. Everybody is stunned.

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